Origin of Strong Scarring of Wave Functions in Quantum Wells in a Tilted Magnetic Field

E. E. Narimanov and A. Douglas Stone
Applied Physics, Yale University, P.O. Box 208284, New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8284

Physical Review Letters -- January 5, 1998 -- Volume 80, Issue 1 pp. 49-52

The anomalously strong scarring of the electronic wave functions of quantumwells in a tilted magnetic field is shown to be due to special properties of the classical dynamics of this system. A certain subset of periodic orbits is identified which is nearly stable over a very large interval of variation of the system parameters; hence this subset exhibits strong scarring. Semiclassical arguments shed further light on why these orbits dominate the experimentally observed tunneling spectra.

KeyWords: semiconductor quantum wells; magnetic field effects; wave functions; tunnelling spectra; Poincare mapping; bifurcation; chaos

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