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mbe school 2017 homepage mbe school 2017 homepage

The International Scientific School organized by Ioffe Institute is devoted to problems of fabrication and studies of modern materials, semiconductor heterostructures, nanostructures with quantum dots and nanowires, manufactured by different technological methods, mainly epitaxial: molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), as well as by sublimation and chemical techniques, aimed at implementation of these materials in basic researches and advanced device applications in nanophotonics (laser diodes, VECSELs, solar cells etc.) and microwave electronics (НЕМТs, organic transistors etc.).

The scope of considered materials includes classical III-V semiconductor structures grown on homo- and heteroepitaxial substrates and Si, III-Nitrides grown on various substrates as well, wide gap and narrow gap II-VI nanoheterostructures, nanostructures based on Si-Ge, graphene films, films of organic compounds and composites on their base.

The historical aspects of developing the epitaxial technologies will be given, their key achievements and challenges. Theoretical approaches to description of technological processes as well as key applications of epitaxial heterostructures in modern photonic and electronic devices will be discussed and reviewed.

During three days the leading international experts in the field from Germany, France, Italy and Finland along with the Russian experts from main technological centers, such as Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS (Novosibirsk), NRNU MEPhI & Institute of semiconductor microwave electronics (Moscow), and Ioffe Institute will deliver the lectures. All the lecturers presented numerously their results as invited or plenary talks at the prestigious international and Russian conferences.

All the students, PhD students, and researchers from Saint-Petersburg Universities and Research Institutes, which are interested in the field, are very welcome. To participate in the School a preliminary registration by the School Secretary is necessary by e-mail. There is no Registration fee for scholars.

Presentations of the School lectures are available at the link.

The School is supported by Russian Science Foundation (Grant # 15-12-30022).