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Report on Scientific Activity in 1999
Spectroscopy of Quasars and Physics of Neutron Stars

This report represents an English translation of the Report on Achievements of the Scientific School of Prof. D.A. Varshalovich for 1999. It includes only a part of significant results of the Department of Theoretical Astrophysics. A previous report, which contains more detailed descriptions of the fields of activity, resides here.
Recent preprints and publications related to these and other projects can be found here.

Spectroscopy of quasars and cosmology: variability of fundamental physical constants

Principal Investigator: D.A. Varshalovich

The problem of possible variation of fundamental physical constants is one of the key problems of the current theories of unification of strong and electroweak interactions with gravity.

As a result of investigation of distant quasars, whose spectra have been formed 10-13 billion years ago, it has been shown that the values of the fine-structure constant are the same in different causally disconnected regions of the Universe with an accuracy of 10-4. The strongest up-to-date upper limits to the rates of cosmological variation of the fundamental physical constants are obtained:

The limits obtained serve as an effective criterion for selection of versions of the modern theories (Kaluza-Klein, SUSY GUT, Superstribg.M-theory) that predict the variation of the constants in the course of the cosmological evolution.

For details, see Astrophys. J., 505, 523 (1998) and Astron. & Astrophys. 343, 439 (1999).

Physics of neutron stars: internal structure and evolution, atmosphere physics, microscopic processes, thermal structure and cooling

Principal Investigators: Yu.A. Shibanov, D.G. Yakovlev

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