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Photo Anatoly Ivanovich Tsygan

Doctor of Sciences, Leading Research Scientist at the Department of Theoretical Astrophysics of the Ioffe Institute, Professor at the St. Petersburg State Technical University.

Ioffe Institute,
Politekhnicheskaya 26,
194021 St.Petersburg,

Telephone numbers:(+7 -812-)292 9 180
292 9 326

Professional degrees
Research interests

My main research interests are related to physics of neutron stars, radio pulsars, X-ray pulsars, and general relativity. Recently I completed investigation of general relativistic electrodynamics of  rotating neutron stars (in collaboration with A.Muslimov) and acceleration of  X-ray binaries by their own radiation (an effect of photon rocket) (in collaboration with V. Pal'shin).

[DTA Staff] [Neutron Star Group] [Department of Theoretical Astrophysics] [Ioffe Institute]

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