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Saint-Petersburg has well-developed transportation links to other Russian cities and large cities all over the world.

Train: If you arrive by train:
There are several large railway stations ("vokzals") in St. Petersburg. Trains from Moscow and other cities to the south and south-east of St. Petersburg arrive at the Moskovskiy vokzal, linked to the metro station Ploshchad' Vosstaniya. Most trains from the west and south-west (including European countries) arrive at the Vitebskiy vokzal (metro station Pushkinskaya). Trains from the east and nord-east, as well as transit trains Helsinki—Moscow, arrive at the Ladozhskiy vokzal (metro station Ladozhskaya). Trains Helsinki—Saint-Petersburg arrive at the Finlyandskiy vokzal (metro station Ploshchad' Lenina). Baltiyskiy vokzal (metro station Baltiyskaya) serves only regional trains.

See the metro scheme and maps below.

Plane: If you arrive by plane:
Passenger flights to St. Petersburg arrive at the Pulkovo international airport, located ca. 15 km south of St. Petersburg. From the airport, one can reach the Moskovskaya metro station by bus No. 39 or "marshrutka" (routed shared taxi, minibus) No. K-39. You will have to pay 40—80 roubles inside the car (depending on the route and your luggage). Alternatively, you can use an ordinary taxi (a cab). In the latter case, it is strongly recommended to order it upon arrival only at the official "Taxi Pulkovo" counter located in the arrival hall of the terminal (it should cost typically 1–2 thousand roubles).

More detailed information can be found at the Pulkovo airport Web site.

From the Moskovskaya metro station follow by the Second (blue) metro line to the correspondence station Tekhnologicheskiy institut (Technological Institute), then change to the First (red) line (see the metro scheme below) and follow to Politekhnicheskaya.

Here is a scheme of the St.-Petersburg metro lines:

Ploshchad' Vosstaniya, Baltiyskaya, Ploshchad' Lenina, and Pushkinskaya stations are on the First (red) metro line; Ladozhskaya is on the Fourth (orange) line.

Politekhnicheskaya (your destination) is on the First (red) metro line

Scheme of the metro
(click on the scheme to enlarge it)
The Ioffe Institute is at the corner of Politekhnicheskaya and Kurchatov streets, near metro station Politekhnicheskaya. Scheme of the venue
(click on the scheme to enlarge it)
The facade of the Ioffe Institute: Institute view

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