International Conference and School “Single dopants”


St.-Petersburg, Russia.1st to 5th of June 2014

Topics of the International Conference and School “Single dopants”

1. Magnetic impurities in semiconductors and semiconductor nanostructures

2. Hydrogen and hydrogen complexes in crystals

3. Scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy of single molecules and atoms

  1. 4.Tight-binding method for nanostructures

5. Effects of symmetry reduction and defects in quantum dots

6. Anisotropic Jahn-Teller defects and complexes

Students are invited to present their posters

Please submit your abstract (one page including references, Plain text, LaTEX or MSWord) to the conference secretary (Mikhail Glazov)

by e-mail:

Submission deadline is extended to 10th of April

More details can be found on the special page on our website (link)


Conference website:

Secretary: Mikhail Glazov (

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Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Russian Academy of Sciences

Russian “Megagrant” 2013-220-04-288 Hybrid SpinOptronics (Leading researcher Manfred Bayer)