International Conference and School “Single dopants”


St.-Petersburg, Russia from 1st to 5th of June 2014

Preliminary list of poster presentations

K. Baryshnikov (Ioffe Inst.) Ultrasound attenuation on anisotropic Jahn-Teller complex CrZn4Se in a magnetic field                                   abstract

V. Chernichkin (MSU) Conducivity mechanisms of PbTe(In) films with variable microstructure                                                                        abstract

S. Demirchyan (VlSU) Microcavity Exciton-Polariton Qubits based on  Long Lived  Rabi Oscillators                                                                            abstract

K. Denisov (Ioffe Inst.) Bound magnetic polaron in 2D system with the strong spin-orbit interaction                                                                              abstract

S. Egorova (MSU) Transport properties and photoconductivity of PbSe films with variable microstructure                                                               abstract

D. Grossi (TUE, Netherlands) Mn Manipulation by STM on a GaAs (110) Surface                                                                                               abstract

I. Kokurin (MordSU) Optical orientation of carriers through Mn-ions photoneutralization in GaAs-based structures                          abstract

A. Konakov (Univ. of Nizhniy Novgorod) Theoretical investigations of spin-orbit coupling effects on hydrogen-like donor states in bulk silicon and silicon nanocrystals                                                                           abstract

M. Kotova (MSU) Scaling down resistive switching effect in polymer materials and resistive memory based on this effect                 abstract

I. Krainov (Ioffe Inst.) Resonant indirect interaction in system with linear spectra                                                                                                  abstract

R. Mojarro (TNW, Netherlands) Disorder in small dopant

A. Poshakinskiy (Ioffe Inst.) Time-resolved second-order correlations of photons emitted by a quantum dot in microcavity                      abstract

M. Sarychev (Ural Fed. Univ.) Ultrasonic attenuation by the Jahn-Teller centers in  ZnSe:Cr  in strong longitudinal magnetic field         abstract

E. Smakman (TUE, Netherlands) Switching dynamics of a single bistable dopant atom                                                                                                    abstract

D. Smirnov (Ioffe Inst.) Single spin manipulation in a quantum dot microcavity                                                                                          abstract

E. Tikhonov (MSU) Electronic structure of organic semiconductors


Students are invited to present their posters

We encourage students to take part in our school, attend lectures of invited speakers and present their posters during special poster sessions.

Please submit your abstract (one page including references, Plain text, LaTEX or MSWord) to the conference secretary (Mikhail Glazov)

by e-mail:

Submission deadline is 10th of April

Accommodation: we will book rooms for students (less then 50 euro per night) in the guesthouse of Academic University in 10 minutes walk from the Ioffe Institute where the conference and school will take place.

Participation fee for students will be 150 euro or less if we find sponsorship. The fee can be paid at the beginning of school.

Visa: to enter Russian Federation you may need a visa. We will prepare the official invitation letter which allows you to apply for a visa in Russian Embassy/Consulate. Please send to the conference secretary (Mikhail Glazov by e-mail: (i) scan of your passport, (ii) position and affiliation, including address.


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