Laboratory of
Semiconductor Devices Physics

Recent publications (2005 - 2009):

  1. A.A.Lebedev, I.S. Kotousova,..Lavrent'ev, S.P.Lebedev, I.V. Makarerenko, V.N. Petrov, and .N.Titkov Formation of Nanocarbon Films on the SiC Surface through Sublimation in Vacuum, Fizika Tverdogo Tela, vol.51, No 4, p. 783-786 (2009).

  2. A.A.Lebedev, P.L.Abramov, N.V.Agrinskaya, V.I.Kozub, S.P.Lebedev, G.A.Oganesyan, A.S.Tregubova, D.V.Shamshur, M.O.Skvortsova. Metal-insulator transition in n-3C-SiC epitaxial films, J.Appl.Phys. 105 (2009) 023706.

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  4. N.Camara, K.Zakentes, V.V.Zelenin, P.L.Abramov, A.V.Kirillov, L.P.Romanov, N.S.Boltovets, V.A.Krivitsa, A.Thuaine, E.Bano, E.Tsoi, A.A.Lebedev, 4H-SiC p-i-n diodes grown by sublimation epitaxy in vacuum (SEV) and their application as microwave diodes.Semiconductor Science Technology 23 (2008) 025016.

  5. 8.A.A.Lebedev, E.V.Bogdanova, P.L.Abramov, S.P.Lebedev, D.K.Nelson, G.A.Oganesyan, A.S.Tregubova, R.Yakimova. Highly doped p-3C-SiC on 6H-SiC substrates, Semiconductor Science Technology 23 (2008) 075004.

  6. A.A.Lebedev, P.L.Abramov, N.V.Agrinskaya, V.I.Kozub, A.N.Kuznetsov, S.P.Lebedev, G.A.Oganesyan, L.M.Sorokin, A.V.Chernyaev, D.V.Shamshur, Negative magnetoresistance in SiC heteropolytype junctions, J.Material Science: Materials in Electronic 9, (2008) 793-796.

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  9. A.M.Ivanov, N.B.Strokan, A.A.Lebedev, Effect of elevated temperatures (up to 250 0C) on operating capacity of heavily irradiated p+-NSiC Detectors, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 597 (2008) 203.

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  11. .. Lebedev , V.V.Zelenin , P.L.Abramov , S.P.Lebedev , .N.Smirnov, L.M.Sorokin, M.P. Shcheglov , R.Yakimova. Studing 3-SiC Epilayers Grown on the(0001) Face 6-SiC Substrate,.Pis'ma v Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki, 2007,vol.33, No 12, pp.61-67.

  12.  A.A.Lebedev, V.V.Zelenin, E.V.Bogdanova, P.L.Abramov, S.P.Lebedev, D.K.Nel’son, B.S.Razbirin, A.S.Tregubova, R.Yakimova. Growth and Study of SiC 3C-SiC Epitaxial Layeers Produced by epitaxy on 6H-SiC Substrate. Mat. Sc. Forum V.556-557 (2007) 175.

  13. .Lebedev A.A. SiC Heteropolytype Structures Grown by sublimation Epitaxy. Material Science Forum V.556-557 (2007) 161.

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  17.  The influence of the extreme fluence of 8Mev protons on characteristics of Sic nuclear detectors produced by Al implantation. A.M.Ivanov, N.B.Strokan,A.A.Lebedev, V.V.Kozlovski. Mat. Sc. Forum V.556-557 (2007) 961.

  18. . M. Lemmer1, B. Hilling1, M. Wöhlecke1, M. Imlau1, A.A. Lebedev2, V.V. Bryksin2 and M.P. Petrov2Trap-recharging waves versus damped, forced charge-density oscillations in hexagonal silicon carbideEur. Phys. J. B 60, 9-14 (2007)

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