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Sector of Solid State Theory
Division of Solid State Electronics

Group of Atomic Theory and Computation

Principal results:

Discovery of the collective nature of the Giant resonances in atomic photoionization;
Discovery of Interference and Giant autoionization resonances;
Suggestion of a new mechanism of Bremsstrahlung ("Atomic" Bremsstrahlung) and its extensive investigation;
Creation of a system of computing codes to calculate all characteristics of photon absorption (emission), electron scattering, vacancy decay and related processes;
Discovery of the mechanism of multi-electron ionization in strong laser fields (Kuchiev's "Atomic antenna");
Development of the Fermi-condensate approach in general and its application to HTSC in particular;
Demonstration of the effectivenes of the quantum Fermi-condensation phase transition approach in description of properties of solids and liquids;
Demonstration of the resonance static and dynamic effects of the C60 shell in photoionization of endohedral atoms;
Prediction of existence of the Giant Endohedral resonances;
Discovery of the quasi-free mechanism of the two-electron ionization by one photon;
Prediction of qualitative difference in angular distributions of photoelectrons and secondary electrons in fast electron-atom collisions;
Development of the many-body theory of nuclear shell model and high-energy collective excitations;
Prediction of a new mechanism leading to the ordered motion of electrons and atoms due to light absorption;
Derivation of dispersion relation for the elastic electron atom forward scattering amplitude;
Formulation of the stability theory of the electron gas;
Quantum-mechanical formulation and description of the Post-Collision phenomena;
Evaluation of quadrrupole moments of atomic shells in their J=1/2 states;
Description of correlation and cooperative effects in vacancies decay in atoms and endohedrals, including the prediction of the radiation self-locking;
Discovery of the role of direct knockout of electrons by photoelectrons in photoabsorption processes;
Analytical calculation of the atoms muon containing structure and processes with their participation;
Discovery of new high-energy behavior in the photoionization cross-section;
Prediction of the intra-doublet resonances in partial and differential photoionization cross-sections;
Prediction of the possibility of generating high-energy photons in strong laser field due to Interelectron exchange;
Identification of the discrete transition's multipolarity using generalized oscillator strengths;
Development of a new approach to the Density Functional method;
Formulation of the stability theory of the electron gas.