TM Department
HTSC group
Department of Theoretical Bases of Microelectronics
Ioffe Physical Technical Institute


People:            Robert A. Suris,  Professor,  Leader of the group
Alexander V. Bobyl', Professor 
Daniel V. Shantsev,  Ph.D. 
Yuri V. Trushin, Professor 
Dmitri V. Kulikov, Ph.D.

Also: Nikolay V. Fomin,  (Ph.D., retired), Oleg L. Shalaev,  (former Ph.D. student)

Our collaborators:

Dr. Michael E. Gaevski at Ioffe Institute and Dept of Electr. and Comp. Engineering, Univ. of South Carolina, US
Prof. Yuri M. Galperin and Prof. Tom H. Johansen at the Low-Temperature Lab.   Dept. of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway
Dr. Sergey F. Karmanenko, St.Peterburg State Electro-Technical University
Dr. Viktor A. Solov'ev and Prof. S. G. Konnikov at Ioffe Institute
Prof. Vitaly Gasumyants at St.Peterburg State Technical University
Prof. Igor A. Khrebtov at Vavilov State Optical Institute
Dr. Vladimir V. Tretyakov at Ioffe Institute

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