What we have computed and what we present

We have computed and present here a set of elastic differential and total cross sections for interaction of fast electrons with atoms (see Introduction).

The differential cross section dSigma/dOmega (cm2/str) depends on atomic number Z, energy of incident electron E and scattering angle Theta. The total cross section Sigmatot (cm2) depends on atomic number Z and energy of incident electron E. In the presented data, Z varies from 1 to 103, E is in the range 5 eV - 30 keV and Theta changes from 0° to 180°.

The data presented here are allotted to be used in studying electron transport in solids for material diagnostics. This fact determined the choice of the energy range for which the calculations were performed.

The content of the data files is described in About data files page. Viewing the graph before retrieving the data are described in Content and usage of the archive page.