Ioffe Workshop on GRBs and other transient sources:
20 Years of Konus-Wind Experiment

22–26 September 2014, St.Petersburg, Russia

After arriving to Pulkovo international airport you can reach Ioffe Institute, Sputnik and Orbita hotels by public transport or taxi.

By public transport

You can reach the nearest to the airport metro station Moskovskaya by bus No. 39 or "marshrutka" (routed shared taxi, minibus) No. K-39 (see Pulkovo airport site for details). You will have to pay 25—50 roubles inside the car (depending on the route and your luggage).

Moskovskaya is located on the metro line 2 (blue). To reach the Politekhnicheskaya and Ploschad Muzhestva you have to change to line 1 (red) at Tekhnologichesky Institut, just cross the platform.

The fare for a single journey does not depend on a distance and is 28 roubles. St.Petersburg's metro uses a system of tokens ("zheton") the size of larger coins. These can be bought (by cash only) from the cashier windows operating at every station. For some travellers it will be feasible to get Podorozhnik card, which stores credit and you pay as you go/travel. It is valid for all types of public transport. There are also cards, valid only in metro, for a number of rides, like a 10 trips card, which is valid for 7 days.

The southern entrance (nearest to the airport) to st. Moskovskaya is open form 5:35 till 0:40. The latest train to the city centre departs at 0:11.

By taxi

You can book a taxi at the airport at the special counter, see Pulkovo airport site. Taxi to the city center will cost 900 roubles (about 20 euro) and 1200–1300 roubles (about 25 euro) to the conference venue and Orbita and Sputnik hotels. You can pay by credit card at the Pulkovo Taxi counter. We strongly recommend booking a taxi at the airport counter only. Unoffical taxi is unsafe and not cheaper than official Pulkovo taxi.

The participant registration will start at Ioffe on Sunday 20 from 6 pm till 9 pm.

Feel free to contact the LOC on detailed information.

Map of the venue

Map of St.Petersburg metro