Ioffe Institute

Third Workshop on
Precision Physics and Fundamental Physical Constants
December 6–10, 2010, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Ioffe Institute) and the Russian National CODATA Task Group on fundamental constants is organizing the Workshop on Precision Physics and Fundamental Physical Constants.

The workshop is devoted to the problems of quantum electrodynamics, fundamental physical constants, quantum standards, physics of simple atoms and precision measurements, as well as a number of other problems, where fundamental physics meets with precision mesurements.

Previous meetings in this series took place at the Mendeleev Institute for Metrology(VNIIM, Saint-Petersburg, 2008) and at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, 2009).

We continue registration of participants and their contributions and start to collect their abstracts in LaTeX according to the sample presented at our site. If you have made the preliminary registration, please, tell the organizers the dates for hotel booking to address See our Russian site Russian site for more detail.

The conference will be organized as follows. The international satellite meeting "Fifty years of efforts toward quantum SI units" will take place on December 6. The Workshop itself will be held on December 7-10. The language of the satellite is English, and one of the workshop is Russian. Both the Workshop and the satellite will take place at the Ioffe Institute.

The workshop is supported in part by the Russian foundation for basic research and Particle data group and endorsed by the CODATA Task group on fundamental constants, Russian National CODATA, VNIIM and RAS Board for metrology and standartization.

Organizing Committee:
Dmitry Varshalovich (Ioffe Institute),
Savely Karshenboim (VNIIM).
Scientific Secretary:
Alexandre Ivanchik (Ioffe Institute).
N.N. Aruev (Ioffe Institute),
S.N. Bagayev (Institute of Laser Physics),
S.A. Balashev (Ioffe Institute),
S.I. Eidelman (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics),
R.N. Faustov (Computing Centre of RAS),
A.D. Kaminker (Ioffe Institute),
I.B. Khriplovich (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics),
V.I. Korobov (JINR),
I.N. Meshkov (JINR),
V.A. Shelyuto (VNIIM).

Contact information:




(+7-812) 5504890

Contact persons:


Dr. Alexandre Ivanchik (Scientific Secretary of the Workshop),
Dr. Alexander Kaminker.

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