Ioffe Institute Shternberg Astronomical Institute International Conference
Physics of Neutron Stars – 2017

50 years after

July 10 — 14, 2017, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Group photo
Group photo in front of the Academic University
taken by Mikhail Beznogov on July 13, 2017.
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This was the 11th scientific meeting on neutron star physics organized by the Theoretical Astrophysics Department of the Ioffe Institute in collaboration with the Relativistic Astrophysics Department of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute. The first gathering of the series took place in 1988. This Conference commemorates the semicentenary of the Pulsar Discovery.

The conference was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, from July 10 till July 14, 2017. The working language was English. The scientific program included a number of invited talks, contributed talks, and poster presentations selected by the international Scientific Organizing Committee.

The conference covered all major topics of observations and theory of neutron stars, particularly rotation powered pulsars, pulsar emission mechanisms, pulsar wind nebulae, magnetars and high-B pulsars, fast radio bursts, isolated cooling neutron stars, central compact objects, accreting X-ray pulsars (including millisecond pulsars), neutron stars in low-mass X-ray binaries, X-ray bursts, equation of state, structure and evolution of neutron stars, mechanisms of supernova explosions and evolution of supernova remnants, gravitational waves from neutron stars and black holes.

Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Polytechnical University
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