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Who we are
Chief Scientist, Head of the Group
Dima Yakovlev
Leading Scientists
Alexander Kaminker
Alexander Potekhin
Yura Shibanov
Vadim Urpin
Senior Scientists
Denis Baiko
Dmitry Barsukov
Andrey Chugunov
Mikhail Gusakov
Ksenia Levenfish
Dima Shalybkov
Peter Shternin
Elena Kantor
Andrey Danilenko
Dmitry Zyuzin
Junior Scientists, Research Assistants, Engineers
Vasily Dommes
Oleg Goglichidze
Anna Karpova
Andrey Kozhberov

What we do

We study neutron stars in different aspects. We consider different physical processes related to superdense matter in neutron star interiors, surface layers, atmospheres, magnetospheres, superstrong magnetic fields; we construct plausible theoretical models for interpretation of observations of neutron stars in multiwavelength bands. In particular, we study isolated cooling neutron stars, radio and X-ray pulsars, gamma and X-ray bursters and Soft Gamma Repeaters. The main projects we are working on now are:

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