RKV: Spectroscopic redshift catalogue of distant galaxies

Ryabinkov A.I., Kaminker A.D., Varshalovich D.A.

New version!

(allows to search for sources within given redshift and coordinate ranges)

The presented catalog contains a compilation of information on spectroscopic redshifts of distant galaxies. The data are taken from publications available to the authors up to June 2004. The catalog contains information from deep spectroscopic surveys such as the CNOC2, VIRMOS-VLT, DEEP2, GOODS and other. It contains the data of radio and X-ray sources from FIRST and REFLEX surveys, wich one identified as optic sources.The data from 2dFGRS, SDSS and 2MASS are not included in the catalog as the redshifts of galaxies from this surveys extend only to z = 0.3.

The catalog consists of Introduction, Tables 1 and 2, and list of references. Table 1 (equatorial coordinates at the epoch 2000) contains the following information:

In some articles the coordinates of galaxies only for epoch of 1950 are adduced. Therefore information on these galaxies is included in the Table 2. Table 2 (equatorial coordinates at the epoch 1950) contains the following information: Identification of objects: The list of references contains all numerated literature sources indicated in Table 1 and 2.

The presented catalog contains information on spectroscopic redshifts 7473 galaxies, 213 active galactic nuclei and 5 possible group of galaxies.

The authors are planning to replenish the catalog regularly. Any remarks and comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Ryabinkov A.I.: calisto@rbcmail.ru
Kaminker A.D.: kam@astro.ioffe.ru
Varshalovich D.A.: varsh@astro.ioffe.ru