A bit of history of the Ferroic Physics Laboratory

The Ferroics Physics Laboratory, a.k.a. FerroLab, was established in 2013 under the Russian Government Programm P220 (MegaGrants) and was originally lead by the renown theoretitian Prof. Dr. Alexender K. Tagantsev. After successful completion of the MegaGrant project Laboratory have continued as an independent laborotory at Ioffe Institute ... (read more)





Bright future of magnetic recording

Do you want to get a brief introduction in magnetic recording technology and its future illuminated by laser pulses? Then the recent lecture given by Alexandra Kalashnikova in the New Holland lectorium may be of interest for you! It is avaiable here (in Russian).



Grant Synthesis for Petr Gerevenkov

PhD student of FerroLab Petr Gerevenkov is among the winners of the grant competition of the new foundation Synthesis, which supports early stage researchers. With the support from this Foundation, Petr will be developing new cool setup for excitation and detection of spin waves by laser pulses. 



Iaroslav Mogunov is among the best young scientists of the Ioffe Institute

Last week our junior researcher Iaroslav Mogunov took part in the competition of research works of young scientists of the Ioffe Institute. His work entitled "Laser-induced phase transition and picosecond strain pulses in vanadium dioxide" took 2nd place in a tough competition.



2021 starts for FerroLab with a new paper

Despite being developed decades ago, Raman and infrared spectroscopies of complex compounds keep bringing new fascinating results. This time Roman Dubrovin and his colloborators from Ioffe Institute, Institute of Spectroscopy of RAS, HFML and Rabdoud University, Ural Federal University, ESRF, and Peter the Great Polytechnic University have solved lattice dynamics of the cobalt orthoborate Co3(BO3)2 - material where magnetic ions occupy different crystallographic positions, which may affect not only magnetic but also structural properties. The paper "Lattice dynamics of cobalt orthoborate Co3(BO3)2 with kotoite structure​" has just been published in Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 



2020 ended with two new publications from Ferrolab

In December the paper "Photoelasticity of VO2 nanolayers in insulating and metallic phases studied by picosecond ultrasonics" by Iaroslav Mogunov and Alexandra Kalashnikova and co-authors from University of Nottingem, University of Puerto Rico and Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS was published in Physical Review Materials. In this paper we explore for the first time photoelastic properties of VO2 - phase change material with several promissing applications in electronics and photonics. 

Also in December the paper Iaroslav Filatov, Petr Gerevenkov, Alexandra Kalashnikova and Nokolai Khokhlov and collaborators from University of Nottingham published the proceeding paper "Spectrum evolution of magnetostatic waves excited through ultrafast laser-induced heating" in Journal of Physics: Conference Series. This is another step in our quest towards ultrafast opto-magnonics: ultrafast tuning of properties of magnonic media and steering spin waves.



New publication in Journal of Alloys and Compounds by FerroLab

In the world of extreme experimental techniques and nanostructures, traditional techniques applied to bulk crystals can still provide exciting results. Roman Durbovin and Nikita Siverin with colleagues from Ioffe Institute, Rabdoud University, Ural Federal University, Institute of Spectroscopy of RAS, and Moscow Power Engineering Institute have published a thorough investigation of lattice dynamics and spontaneous magnetodielectric effect in CoTiO3 - material with a lot of applications and interesting physical properties. 



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