A bit of history of the Ferroic Physics Laboratory

The Ferroics Physics Laboratory, a.k.a. FerroLab, was established in 2013 under the Russian Government Programm P220 (MegaGrants) and was originally lead by the renown theoretitian Prof. Dr. Alexender K. Tagantsev. After successful completion of the MegaGrant project Laboratory have continued as an independent laborotory at Ioffe Institute ... (read more)





Seminar of Alexander Tagantsev at the ITMO University

On Wednesday February 26, Dr. Alexander Tagantsev will give a seminar "Comparing dissipative and dispersive optomechanical couplings: quantum measurements, stability and light squeezing" at Physics-Engineering Faculty of the ITMO University. The details can be found here:




Fundamentals and perpsectives of ultrafast photoferroic recording

A pre-proof of the extensive review paper in Physics Reports about present and future of ultrafast magnetic and ferroelectric recording by light written by Alexey Kimel, Alexandra Kalashnikova, Anna Pogrebna and Anatoly Zvezdin is on-line now.  



And a winner is....

Bogdana Klinskaya, the high-school student who works on her scientific project at our lab, has received the diploma of the young researchers jury at the Baltic Competition of Scientific and Engineering Projects of High-School Students. Bogdana's project is about localization of the domain walls by gradient magnetic fields in yttrium iron garnets. We congratulate Bogdana with this first scientific success!



Chair and vice-chairs of the Gordon Research Conference on Spin Dynamics in Nanostructures 2021 are announced

Alexandra Kalashnikova will be a vice-chair of the GRC conference Spin Dynamics in Nanostructures to be held in 2021 in Switzerland.




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Media about us

Indicator.ru - about our publication "Optical Excitation of Propagating Magnetostatic Waves in an Epitaxial Galfenol Film by Ultrafast Magnetic Anisotropy Change" in Physical Review Applied

Indicator.ru - interview with Alexandra Kalashnikova, 2019 and its video version 

Russian Science Foundation - about our publication "Optically excited spin pumping mediating collective magnetization dynamics in a spin valve structure" in Physical Review B.