A bit of history of the Ferroic Physics Laboratory

The Ferroics Physics Laboratory, a.k.a. FerroLab, was established in 2013 under the Russian Government Programm P220 (MegaGrants) and was originally lead by the renown theoretitian Prof. Dr. Alexender K. Tagantsev. After successful completion of the MegaGrant project Laboratory have continued as an independent laborotory at Ioffe Institute ... (read more)




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Review on laser-induced control of magnetic anisotropy in nanostructures

Recently we have put together our knowledge and ideas about the impact femtosecond laser pulses have on magnetic anisotropy in ferromagnets, and wrote a review paper for one of the oldest Russian journals devoted to physical sciences - Technical Physics. It is avaiable in Russian now, and well be avaiable in English soon. 



Towards deeper understanding laser-driven changes of anisotropy

Petr Gerevernkov and co-authors have published a new paper in Physical Review Materials which continues our quest towards understanding details of laser-induced anisotropy changes and their impact on ultrafast magnetization dynamics in magnetic metallic films. In ultrafast magnetism a lot of attention is paid to a state of material within first femto- and picoseconds after laser excitation. However, relaxation processes happening at longer timescales are of no lesser importance for operation of prospective devices based on laser-induced magnetization dynamics. Pert and co-authors have studied how such relaxation processes can be analyzed and how they affect precession of magnetization excited by a femtosecond laser pulse.



New PhD!

Roman Dubrovin has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Lattice dynamics and spontaneous magnetodielectric effects in fluoroperovskites" on May 20, 2021. His supervisor was prof. dr. Roman Pisarev. It was an outstatding defence of the outstanding scientific work!



Novel concept of tunable spin waves source

Ferrolab team lead by Nikolai Khokhlov in collaboration with Russian Quantum Center suggested a novel concept of a tunable source of magnetostatic spin waves. They've come up with the idea of exciting a thin magnetic film by a femtosecond laser pulse near a domain wall. Micromagnetic modelling have shown that laser spot and domain wall form a kind of a resonator for the generated waves. Bacause of it, it is possible to tune the spectrum of the wave propagating out of such resonator in several ways. The paper has been recently published in Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.



Coffee, science & technology

Sometimes it is nice to sit down and talk about future of magnetism with a general public who has interest in learning somethis new about science and technology. Politechnic Museum in Moscow had recently invited Alexandra Kalashnikova to the "Brunch with a scientist", where she discussed the past, present and future of magnetic storage. Some pictures from the event can be found here.



Bright future of magnetic recording

Do you want to get a brief introduction in magnetic recording technology and its future illuminated by laser pulses? Then the recent lecture given by Alexandra Kalashnikova in the New Holland lectorium may be of interest for you! It is avaiable here (in Russian).



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