Currently we are participating in several research projects supported by Russian and international funding agencies:


Grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research

RFBR-Royal Society grant 17-52-10015 Ultrafast insulator-metal phase transitions driven by coherent acoustic phonons (2018-2020). Collaboration with University of Nottingham. Collaboration with Prof. Anthony Kent and Prof. Andrey Akimov (University of Nottingham, UK).


RFBR grant 18-02-00824 Optically- and acoustically-induced spin waves and spin transport in structures based on yttrium iron garnet thin films (2018-2020).


RFBR-DFG grant 19-52-12065 Control of magnetization in nanostructured and two-dimentional magnetic media by means of ultrafast optical and acoustical techniques (2019-2022). Collaboration with Prof. Manfred Bayer and Dr. Davide Bossini (TU Dortmund, DE).


RFBR grant 19-02-00457 Particular features of the spin-phonon interaction and magnetodielectric phenomena in magnetic fluorides (2019-2021). Collaboration with the group of Prof. Roman Pisarev (Ioffe Institute).


RFBR grant "Stability" 20-32-70149 Optically-induced spin waves in media with spatial-temporal modulation of magnetic properties (2020-2021).


RFBR grant 20-02-00938 Generation of picosecond strain pulses during ultrafast laser-induced processes in magnetic nanostructures (2020-2022).


RFBR grant 19-32-50128 "Mobility". Under this grant a PhD student from the Moscow State University Anastasia Khramova will spent 4 month in 2002 at FerroLab to perform reserach on laser-driven spin waves and domain walls under supervision of Nikolai Khokhlov.


RFBR grant "Expansion" 20-12-50271 Ultrafast laser-induced control of magnetic anisotropy of nanostructures. Under this grant the review paper on this subject will be prepared by Alexandra Kalashnikova, nikolai Khokhlov, Leonid Shelukhin, and Alexey Scherbakov.


Grants of the Russian Science Foundation

RSF grant 20-12-00309 Ultrafast optically-reconfigurable magnonics based on metallic multilayers (2020-2022).


RSF grant 16-12-10456 Equilibrium and nonequilibrum spin dynamics in strongly correlated magnetic dielectrics with competing exchange, spin-orbit and magnon-phonon interactions (2016-2020). Collaboration with the group of Prof. Roman Pisarev (Ioffe Institute)


RSF-DFG grant 20-42-04405 Nanoscale optomechanical interactions in semiconductor microcavities (2020-2022). Collaboration with Dr. Alexander Poddubny (Ioffe Institute) and Dr. Paulo V. Santos (Paul-Drude-Institut fuer Festkoerperelektronik, DE).


Grants of the BASIS Foundation

Post-doc grant for Dr. Nikolay Khokhlov (2019-2021)


Post-doc grant for Dr. Mikhail Prosnikov Spin dynamics of complex-structure magnets in high magnetic fields (2021-2023)


PhD grant for Leonid Shelukhin Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in rare-earth iron garnet films in vicinity of compensation point (2019-2021)


PhD grant for Anatolii Fedianin (2020-2022)


Grants of international funding agencies

EU COST Action CA17123 Ultrafast opto-magneto-electronics for non-dissipative information technology (2018-2021).


Volkswagen Foundation Tri-lateral cooperative project Terahertz acoustic and optical control of spin dynamics in nanostructures (2019-2022). Collaboration with Prof. Dmitry Yakovlev (TU Dortmund, DE), Prof. Anatoly Pogorily (Institute of Magnetism, Kyiv, UA), Dr. Tetiana Linnik (Lashkaryev Institute of Semiconductors, Kyiv, UA), Prof. Vladimir Kulakovskii (Institute of Solid State Physics of RAS, RU).