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Place for the resources we use in our experimental and theoretical work


Our pump-probe guide for experimentalists - tricks we use (in Russian)

1) Сказка об осцилляторе и плотности накачки, или бесценный опыт (how to focus and detect laser pulses depending on the laser type - oscillator or amplifier)

2) Метод пристального взгляда (how to visualize the sample and pump-probe spots)

3) Лазер и модулятор. Как выбрать и чтоб работало (Which type of modulator better to use with oscillator/amplifier)

4) Ослабленный свет и безопасные очки (How to attenuate laser pulses and not to destroy an optic element)

5) Хитрости акустического пампа-проба (Tricks with an acoustic pump)


Useful videos and links

Magnetism and magneto-optics:

Nice slides about magnetism from Magnetic School on Magnetism

SPICE youtube channel

Nanomagnetism and Magnonics (Uni of Vein) channel

Spintronics Lectures by Prof. A. Manchon: website and youtube

Micromagnetic tutorials (MuMax, OOMMF, Ubermag)

Magnon Bose-Einstein condensation for beginners (WWU, Munster)

Spintronics in animations

Birefringence and dichroism tutorial created by András Szilágyi

(Refractive indexes database)

Software for magnetic modeling


Experimental tips and tricks, data processing advices:

Thorlabs youtube channel:

Edmund Optics channel:

Zurich instruments channel:

RP Photonics Encyclopedia:

Reducing the Noise Floor and Improving the SNR with Cross-Correlation Techniques - Links: #1 and #2

Virtual training in microscopy - nice book about processing of science images



 How to give a great research talk 

 Why We Use Bad Color Maps and What You Can Do About It

ComponentLibrary (a vector graphics library for illustrations of optics experiments) - scientific network platform - another scientific platform

Interesting blog about scientific writing: