Лаборатория инфракрасной оптоэлектроники
Laboratory of InfraRed Optoelectronics


The LABORATORY of INFRARED OPTOELECTRONICS (LIRO) was founded in 1995 at Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute to concentrate the research on physics of materials and devices for MID IR spectral range. Over the years the Lab has earned a good name in the scientific community. Today LIRO under the direction of Prof. Yury P. Yakovlev is one of the leading centers in the area of the MID IR Optoelectronics. 

 Since its beginning the goal of the Laboratory has been fundamental research of optical, transport and electrical phenomena in III-V narrow band gap compounds and heterostructures as well as developing the optoelectronic devices. No other research center in the world than LIRO develops complete series of light emitting diodes (LEDs) for 1.6-3.0 μm, as well as light emitting diodes, lasers, and high-efficiency photodiodes (PDs) for the spectral range of 1.6-5.0 μm.

Research areas:

  • physics and technology ( LPE, MOVPE ) of III-V semiconductor materials and heterostructures of III-V semiconductor materials and heterostructures;
  • processing of III-V and  II-VI - based materials and devices;
  • R&D of light emitting diodes and lasers for 1.6- 5.0 μm spectral range;
  • R&D of IR photodiodes;
  • R&D low-dimensional heterostructures;
  • R&D of the electronic devices (drivers and temperature controllers for LEDs;
    amplifiers and temperature controllers for PDs)

The research team of LIRO includes of scientists and engineers trained in various areas.