did_2.jpg Artur Dideikin     
Leading Researcher, Ph.D.

Phone:  +7(812)292 79 17
E-mail:  Dideikin@mail.ioffe.ru

Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute
Division of Solid State Electronic
Laboratory of Carbon Nanoclusters
194021, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
26, Polytekhnicheskaya St. 


WOS Research ID: E-4091-2014
Scopus Author ID: 6602489531
РИНЦ ID: 41801

Ph.D. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, 1987
Thesis title:   Photoelectric properties of semiconductor – insulator – semiconductor structures with tunneling – transparent insulator.
M.S. 1981, Leningrad State Polytechnical Institute, USSR, Faculty of Physics and Mechanics, Department Master Degree in Physics. Thesis title: Photoelectric phenomena in tunneling metal-insulator-semiconductor structures.
1975, graduated the High school with enhanced English language teaching.

Employment history:
1981-1993            Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Lab of Doped Semiconductors, Research Scientist
1993-to present     Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Lab of Cluster Physics, Senior Researcher

Professional skills:
  • Electric, optical and spectral precision measurements;
  • Scanning electron microscopy;
  • Hi vacuum technology;
  • Electronic circuit design and programming;
  • EM modeling calculations.

    Research interests:
  • Structure and formation of carbon nanoclusters;
  • Nanodiamond and grapheme properties;
  • Phase transitions in nanosystems;
  • Tunneling phenomena in cluster systems;
  • Field emission.