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Invited lecturers and topics

  • H. J. Maris : Fundamental of phonons
  • B. Perrin: Optical probing of nanostructures
  • A. Kent: Interactions of coherent phonons with vertical transport electron devices
  • A. Shakouri: Thermal properties of nanostructures
  • T. Dekorsy: Phonons in quantum cascade lasers
  • B. Djafari-Rouhani: Phononic and photonic nanostructures: theoretical methods
  • A. Fainstein: Phononic and photonic microcavities
  • N. del Fatti: Size effects of acoustic phonons in nanoobjects
  • A. Sherbakov: High frequency magneto-acoustics
  • C. M. Sotomayor Torres: Engineering of confined acoustic phonons dispersion relations in ultra-thin Si membranes and phononic structures
  • E. Weig: Opto-mechanical resonators
  • E. Cerda-Mendez: Acousto-optics nanodevices
  • S. Berciaud: Understandings of Raman spectra of graphene and carbon nanotubes
  • S. Sauvage: Nanospectroscopy of quantum dots: heating nanosources of phonons
  • C. K. Sun: Phonon nanoscopy
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