The "Son et Lumière" school, which has taken place every two years since 2006, aims at putting together different scientific communities working on acoustics and optics in solids and nanomaterials. It provides in-depth tutorial lectures at the postgraduate/postdoctoral level covering fundamental topics in the field, i.e., the theoretical description of the acoustic (transfer matrix, first principles methods...) and acousto-optic (photoelasticity, piezoelectricity, ...) properties, introduction to classical and innovative acousto-optic devices (surface waves, phonon lasers, phononic crystals, nano-acoustic resonators) and on experimental investigation methods (femtosecond time-resolved, light scattering, etc.). In addition, seminars will cover the most recent developments in the field in order to stimulate discussions on how to combine the newly developed acoustic devices with other phonon systems and materials (oxides, piezoelectric compounds, etc.) and to generate new functionalities based on photon and phonon physics.

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