6th Biennial International Workshop

Fullerenes and Atomic Clusters

St Petersburg, Russia June 30 - July 4, 2003
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Scientific Program

Sunday, June 29

1500- 1800 Registration

Monday, June 30

Chairman: V.V. Lemanov
900- 1800 Registration
930-1000 Opening
1000-1035 Roger Taylor, University of Sussex, UK (Invited lecture)
10 Years of Fullerene Chemistry; What were the Highlights?
1035- 1110 Olga Boltalina, Moscow State University, Russia (Invited lecture)
New Methods of Introducing Halogens into Fullerenes
1110- 1130 Coffee break
Chairman: R.Taylor
1130- 1205 Tatiana Makarova, loffe Physico-Technical Institute, Russia (Invited lecture)
Ferromagnetic Behaviour of Polymerized Fullerenes
1205- 1225 B. Verberck, A.V. Nikolaev, K.H. Michel
Theoretical Model for the Structural Phase Transition and the Metal-Insulator Transition in Polymerized KC60
1225-1245 M.A. Strzhemechny, E.A. Katz
On the Effect of the Rotational State of C60 Molecules on Electronic Transport in the C60 Fullerite
1245-1305 P.Avramov, B.I.Yakobson, G.E. Scuseria, T.A. Romanova
Interaction of low-energy protons with hollow carbon and fluorinated carbon nanostructures: quantum chemical and molecular dynamic study
1300- 1500 Lunch
Chairmen: S.V.Kidalov, V.N.Semkin
1500- 1800 Poster Session 1
1900 Welcome party

Tuesday, July 1

Chairman: V.V.Afrosimov
930 - 1005 Hiroshi Naramoto, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Japan (Invited lecture)
Features of Carbon Allotrope Conversion with Energy Beam Illumination
1005 - 1040 Vitalii Konov, General Physics Institute, Russia (Invited lecture)
Field electron emission from carbon nanotubes and carbon nanostructured materials
1040 - 1100 A.V.Okotrub, Ph.A. Pruss, L.G.Bulusheva, V.L. Kuznetsov,
A.V. Guselnikov, M.I. Heggie
Electron Structure and Field-Emission Properties of Nanocarbon Materials
1100- 1130 Coffee break
Chairman: V.I.Sokolov
1130- 1205 Dirk Guldi,University of Vienna , Austria (Invited lecture)
Charge Separation and Organization in Nanostructured Functional Systems
1205 - 1240 Luis Echegoyen, Clemson University, USA (Invited lecture)
Electrochemical Studies of Fullerene-based Compounds
1240 - 1300 D.V. Konarev, G. Saito, S.S. Khasanov, R.N. Lyubovskaya
Structural and Magnetic Properties of New Ionic Charge Transfer Complexes of Fullerenes
1300- 1500 Lunch
Chairmen: S.V.Kidalov, V.N.Semkin
1500- 1800 Poster Session 2

Wednesday, July 2

Chairman: A.Ya.Vul'
930 - 1005 Harold Kroto, University of Sussex, UK (Invited lecture)
2010, NanoSpace Odyssey
1005 - 1040 Boris Razbirin, loffe Physico-Technical Institute, Russia (Invited lecture)
Optical Spectroscopy of Matrix-Isolated Fullerenes
1040 - 1100 T. Shiroka, M. Ricco, G. Fumera, O. Ligabue, C. Bucci, G. Antonioli
Influence of Structural Effects on the Superconductivity of Ammonia-Doped NaK2C60
1100- 1130 Coffee break
Chairman: Yu.S.Grushko
1130- 1150 K. Akiyama, K. Sueki, Y. Miyake, K. Tsukada, T. Yaita, H. Haba,
M. Asai, Y. Nagame, K. Kikuchi, M. Katada, H. Nakahara
Properties of Fullerenes Encapsulating Thorium and Uranium Atoms: Actinide Metallofullerenes
1150- 1210 V.K. Koltover
Spin-Leakage of the Fullerene Shell of Endometallofullerenes: EPR, Endor and NMR Evidences
1210- 1230 S. Hino, K. Iwasaki, B. Cao, T. Okazaki, H. Shinohara
Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Two Titanium Metal Atoms Encapsulated Metallofullerenes, Ti2@C80 and Ti2@C84
1230- 1250 A. Debarre, R. Jaffiol, C. Julien, D. Nutarelli,
A. Richard and P. Tchénio
Raman Spectroscopy of Two Dimetallofullerenes : La2@C80 et Ti2@C80
1300- 1500 Lunch
Chairman: D.M.Guldi
1500- 1520 S.M.C. Vieira, P.R. Birkett, C.A. Rego,T.Drewello, S. Kotsiris,
Functionalization of [60]fullerene using a Novel Chemical Vapour Modification (CVM) Method
1520- 1540 V. Pokropivny
Route into Room-Tc Superconductivity on Base of Resonant Coupling Effect in 2D Crystals of MgB2-type Nanotubes
1540- 1600 A.G. Lyapin, V.V. Mukhamadiarov, V.V. Brazhkin, M.V. Kondrin, S.V. Popova, Ye.V. Tatyanin
Anisotropic Nanoclustered Carbon Phases Prepared from Fullerite C60 under Non-Hydrostatic High Pressure
1600- 1620 Coffee break
Chairman: U.Sagman
1620- 1640 A.V.Talyzin, L.Dubrovinsky
In Situ and ex situ Studies of C60 Polymerisation around 18 GPa and 800K.
1640- 1700 H.Brauning, A.Diehl, R.Trassl, A.Theib, E.Salzborn, A.Narits, L.P.Presnyakov
Ion-Ion Collisions Involving Fullerene Ions

Thursday, July 3

Chairman: S.V.Kozyrev
930 - 1005 Uri Sagman, C Sixty Inc., Canada (Invited lecture)
Biomedical Applications of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes
1005- 1025 L.B.Piotrovsky, O.I.Kiselev
Fullerenes as Biological Active Compounds: Today and Future
1025- 1045 C. Ratna Prabha, C. N. Murthy
Studies on Protein-[60]Fullerene Interactions: the Lysozyme-[60]Fullerene Model System
1045- 1105 Andrievsky G.V.
Why the Hydrated Fullerenes, the Systems of "Carbon-Water", Can Reveal Such Surprising Biological Properties?!
1105- 1130 Coffee break
Chairman: L.Echegoen
1130- 1150 C. Mathis, F. Audouin, R. Nuffer
Controlling the Number of Arms of Polymer Stars with a Fullerene C60 core.
1150- 1210 I.S.Neretin, Yu.L.Slovokhotov
Order and Disorder in Fullerene Molecular Crystals
1210- 1230 A.S. Kotosonov
Effect of Type and Density of Layer Defects on Carbon MWNTs Electronic Properties Temperature Behavior
1230- 1250 Yu.E.Lozovik, A.M. Popov
Nanomachines Based on Carbon Nanotubes Walls Motion: Operation Modes and Control Forces
1300- 1500 Lunch
Chairmen: S.V.Kidalov, V.N.Semkin
1500- 1800 Poster Session 3
2000 Workshop dinner

Friday, July 4

Chairman: E.Osawa
1000- 1035 Shigeo Maruyama, University of Tokyo, Japan (Invited lecture)
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Catalytic CVD Process of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes from Alcohol and from Fullerene
1035 - 1110 A.N. Andriotis (Invited lecture)
Stability and Properties of Si-based Clusters and Nanotubes Encapsulating Transition Metal Atoms
1110- 1145 Leonid Mezhov-Deglin, Institute of Solid State Physics, Russia (Invited lecture)
Impurity-Helium Condensates - a New Nanocluster System in Liquid Helium
1145- 1205 Coffee break
  Panel discussion "Applications of Carbon Nanoclusters"
Chairmen: H. Murayama, A.Ya.Vul'
1205 - 1235 1. E. Osawa
Pyrolytic Production of Fullerenes - An Improvement over the Combustion Method?
1235 - 1305 2. H. Murayama, S. Tomonoh, J. M. Alford, M. E. Karpuk
Fullerene Production in Tons and More: From Science to Industry
1305- 1500 Lunch
1500 - 1530 3. R.Dubrovsky, V.Bezmelnitsyn, D.Koulikov, A.Eletski
New Approach in Synthesis of Carbon Allotropes in Large Quantities
1530 - 1600 4. V. Z. Mordkovich, Y. Shiratori, T. Maezawa, Y. Takeuchi
A Concept of Nucleation and Controlled Growth of Various Carbon Nanoclusters from Laser-Produced Carbon Plasma
1600 - 1630 R.O.Loutfy, A. M. Moravsky
Commercial Applications of Carbon Nanotubes
1630 - 1700 R.O.Loutfy, E.M.Wexler
Novel Applications of Fullerenes in Thermal Management Systems
1700- 1730 Closing


New approaches for mass production fullerenes and carbon nanotubes

Physical properties of endohedral fullerenes

Magnetic properties and superconductivity of fullerenes

Electronic properties of nanotubes

Sythesis and chemical properties of fullerene derivatives Carbon onions

Phase transitions in fullerenes

Photoelectric and optic properties of fullerenes

Fullerene containing polymers

Synthesis and properties of new fulerene-like materials

Biological aspects of carbon clusters

Computer simulation of carbon clusters formation

Other Topics Related to Fullerenes and Carbon Clusters

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