9th Biennial International Workshop

Fullerenes and Atomic Clusters

St Petersburg, Russia July 6-10, 2009
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Diagnostics of carbon nanostructures New

Conference/School for Young Scientists

Progress in modern nanotechnologies requires development of new, and refinement of already available methods of diagnostics.

Carbon nanostructures, a class including a broad variety of fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, nanodiamonds, onions, nanographite and quite recently discovered graphenes, stand out among other materials in their typically small size, less than 10 nm, and in some cases feature an intricate structure of sp2/sp3 hybridized carbon atoms.

An additional difficulty arises when one has not only to detect the presence of impurity atoms, but pinpoint their localization within a few nanometers.

Apart from this, the above types of carbon nanostructures not only can be synthesized as bulk materials but exist in the form of both powders and suspensions and sols, whose study presupposes development of novel, or modification of already known diagnostics which earlier were applied to investigation of bulk solids only. Standing slightly apart is the diagnostics of the above objects in the gas phase.

There is hardly any doubt that only by applying a combination of proper diagnostic tools can one gain a deep insight into the properties of carbon nanostructures/

This is why the magazine publications reporting on studies of the properties of carbon nanostructures are largely prepared by scientists specializing in various areas of physics and chemistry, which reflects the interdisciplinary character of carbon nanostructure research.

The conference/school will be held on July 8, 2009, in the course of the 9th International Conference "Fullerenes and Atomic Clusters".

Co-chairs: Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor G. F. Tereshchenko
Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor M. V. Kovalchuk

The Conference Programme includes 8 invited talks and a poster session which will present reports of young scientists (the term “young scientist” implies that the age of the scientist does not exceed 28 years by the beginning of the conference) on diagnostics of carbon nanostructures.

One-page Abstracts of reports (only of the young scientists) to the Conference/School should be sent by e-mail: IWFAC@mail.ioffe.ru and marked "For School".

Deadline for submission of abstracts is March 30, 2009. The best poster report will be awarded a prize.

Wednesday, July 8

One day International school for young scientists

Diagnostics of Carbon Nanostructures
900 - 910 G.F. Tereshchenko, St Petersburg Scentific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences
M.V. Kovalchuk, Russian Research Centre 'Kurchatov Institute', Moscow, Russia
Welcome remarks
910 - 950 M.V. Kovalchuk, Russian Research Centre 'Kurchatov Institute', Moscow, Russia
Notes on Diagnostics of Nanostructures
950 - 1040 V.A. Bykov, NT-MDT Co., Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia
AFM and STM Microscopy for Study of Carbon Nanostructures
1040- 1100 Coffee break
1100- 1140 A.G. Ryabenko, Institute of Problem of Chemical Physics RAS, Moscow, Russia
Optical Diagnostics of Carbon Nanotube.
1140- 1220 N.A.Bert, Ioffe Institute, Russia
Transmission Electron Microscopy for Characterization of Carbon Nanostructures
1220- 1300 M.V. Baidakova, Ioffe Institute, Russia
X-ray Diffraction and Small Angle Scattering in Carbon Nanostructures
1300- 1500 Lunch
1500- 1540 M.V. Avdeev, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
Neutron Scattering in Diagnostics of Carbon Nanostructures
1540- 1620 B.Ya. Ber, Ioffe Institute, Russia
Photoelectron Spectroscopy as a Method for Diagnostics of Carbon Nanostructures
1620- 1700 M.A. Khodorkovskii, St Petersburg State Polytechnical University,
St Petersburg, Russia
Mass-spectroscopy for Diagnostics of Carbon Nanostructures
1700- 1720 Coffee break
Chairmen: S.V.Kidalov, V.N.Semkin
1700- 1900 Poster Session
Reports of young scientists on the International School
"Diagnostics of Carbon Nanostructures"
      mailto: iwfac@mail.ioffe.ru