Ioffe Workshop on GRBs and other transient sources: 25 Years of Konus-Wind Experiment
September 9–13, 2019, St.Petersburg, Russia

Ioffe Workshop on GRBs and other transient sources: Twenty Five Years of Konus-Wind Experiment.

The Workshop will be dedicated to 25th Anniversary of the joint Russian-American Konus-Wind experiment and hosted by Ioffe Institute in St-Petersburg, Russia on September 09–13, 2019.

The Workshop will cover a variety of high energy transient topics, including Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) and their connection to supernovae and multi-messenger astronomy, Soft-Gamma Repeaters, Galactic and extragalactic gamma-ray transients, and Solar-Flares. One session of the Workshop will be devoted to the history of gamma-ray astronomy at Ioffe Institute.

The preliminary list of workshop topics:

  • Overviews and Highlights of current experiments (Konus-Wind, Swift, Fermi, INTEGRAL, AGILE, CALET);
  • Prompt emission processes, including very high energy and non-electromagnetic emissions;
  • Central engine physics and radiation processes;
  • Short GRBs: progenitors and multi-messenger astronomy;
  • Long GRBs: progenitors, GRB-Supernova connection, ultra-long GRBs;
  • GRB afterglows and hosts: observations and theory;
  • GRBs as cosmological probes;
  • Solar-Flare observations and modelling;
  • SGRs, AXPs, and other Galactic and extragalactic hard X-ray transients: observations and theory;
  • Future instruments and GRB experiments.

Due to the limited capacity of the venue participation in the Workshop is by invitation only with the number of participants strictly limited to 80–100 persons.

The registration fee is 15000 Russian rubles (about 200 EUR or 230 USD) when paid before August 1st, after this date the amount will be raised to 20000 roubles. Please register at for paying the fee. The payment should be done in Russian roubles. Please note that there is an additional credit card processing fee (5%). For the Russian residents, it's possible to pay using bank transfer without the 5% fee. The official receipt of the payment will be provided at the registration desk of the conference at Ioffe Institute. The conference fee includes daily lunches, the conference dinner and a guided excursion.