Solar Flares and Active Regions
Reconstructing the 3D Reality



61. Three-dimensional Forward-fit Modeling of the Hard X-Ray and the Microwave Emissions of the 2015 June 22 M6.5 Flare

60. Solar ALMA Observations: Constraining the Chromosphere above Sunspots

59. Imaging spectroscopy of solar radio burst fine structures

58. Seismology of contracting and expanding coronal loops using damping of kink oscillations by mode coupling

57. Flare SOL2012-07-06: On the Origin of the Circular Polarization Reversal Between 17 GHz and 34 GHz

56. A statistical study of the inferred transverse density profile of coronal loop threads observed with SDO/AIA

55. A Large-scale Plume in an X-class Solar Flare

54. Algorithms of the Potential Field Calculation in a Three-Dimensional Box

53. A First Comparison of Millimeter Continuum and Mg II Ultraviolet Line Emission from the Solar Chromosphere

52. Investigation of Relationship between High-energy X-Ray Sources and Photospheric and Helioseismic Impacts of X1.8 Solar Flare of 2012 October 23

51. Observing the Sun with the Atacama Large Millimeter-submillimeter Array (ALMA): Fast-Scan Single-Dish Mapping

50. ALMA Discovery of Solar Umbral Brightness Enhancement at λ=3 mm

49. Magnetic Helicity Estimations in Models and Observations of the Solar Magnetic Field. III. Twist Number Method

48. Coronal loop density profile estimated by forward modelling of EUV intensity

47. Coronal loop seismology using damping of standing kink oscillations by mode coupling. II. additional physical effects and Bayesian analysis

46. Siberian Radioheliograph: first results

45. Observing the Sun with Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA): High Resolution Interferometric Imaging

44. Casting the Coronal Magnetic Field Reconstruction Tools in 3D Using the MHD Bifrost Model

43. Turbulent Kinetic Energy in the Energy Balance of a Solar Flare

42. High-resolution observations of flare precursors in the low solar atmosphere

41. Millimeter radiation from a 3D model of the solar atmosphere II. Chromospheric magnetic field

40. Fermi-LAT Observations of High-energy Behind-the-limb Solar Flares


39. Flare coronal loop heating and hard X-ray emission from solar flares of August 23, 2005, and November 9, 2013

38. Magnetic field variations accompanying the filament eruption and the flare related to coronal mass ejections

37. Magnetic Helicity Estimations in Models and Observations of the Solar Magnetic Field. Part I: Finite Volume Methods

36. Motion Magnification in Coronal Seismology

35. Evidence for a relationship between emerging magnetic fields, electric currents, and solar flares observed on May 10, 2012

34. Empirical mode decomposition analysis of random processes in the solar atmosphere

33. Physical Conditions in the Source Region of a Zebra Structure

32. On the Spectrum and Generation Regions of Solar Microbursts in the Decimeter Wave Band

31. Narrowband Gyrosynchrotron Bursts: Probing Electron Acceleration in Solar Flares

30. Undamped transverse oscillations of coronal loops as a self-oscillatory process

29. Coronal loop seismology using damping of standing kink oscillations by mode coupling

28. A Cold Flare With Delayed Heating

27. Modelling of Nonthermal Microwave Emission from Twisted Magnetic Loops

26. On the origin of 140 GHz emission from the 4 July 2012 solar flare

25. Solar Science with the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array—A New View of Our Sun

24. Synthetic Radio Views of Simulated Solar Flux Ropes

23. Sources of Quasi-periodic Pulses in the Flare of 18 August 2012

22. Validation Of The Coronal Thick Target Source Model (MODELS&DATA)

21. ALMA Observations of the Sun in Cycle 4 and Beyond

20. Damping profile of standing kink oscillations observed by SDO/AIA


19. Multithermal Representation of the Kappa-distribution of Solar Flare Electrons and Application to Simultaneous X-Ray and EUV Observations

18. Differential emission measure and electron distribution function reconstructed from RHESSI and SDO observations

17. SSALMON - The Solar Simulations for the Atacama Large Millimeter Observatory Network

16. Behaviour of oscillations in loop structures above active regions

15. Probing the Sun with ALMA: observations and simulations

14. Solar ALMA: Observation-Based Simulations of the mm and sub-mm Emissions from Active Regions

13. Decayless low-amplitude kink oscillations: a common phenomenon in the solar corona?

12. Определение высот формирования УФ и КУФ-излучения над тенью солнечного пятна по наблюдениям 3-минутных колебаний

11. Measurement of the formation heights of UV and EUV emission above sunspot umbrae from observations of three-minute oscillations

10. Coronal Magnetography of a Simulated Solar Active Region from Microwave Imaging Spectropolarimetry

9. Sunspot waves and flare energy release

8. A comparison of proton activity in cycles 20-23

7. Energy Partitions and Evolution in a Purely Thermal Solar Flare

6. Simulations of Gyrosynchrotron Microwave Emission from an Oscillating 3D Magnetic Loop

5. Synthetic 3D modeling of active regions and simulation of their multi-wavelength emission

4. Millimeter radiation from a 3D model of the solar atmosphere. I. Diagnosing chromospheric thermal structure

3. Perturbations of gyrosynchrotron emission polarization from solar flares by sausage modes: forward modeling

2. Three-dimensional Radio and X-Ray Modeling and Data Analysis Software: Revealing Flare Complexity

1. Spatially Resolved Energetic Electron Properties for the 21 May 2004 Flare from Radio Observations and 3D Simulations