Solar Flares and Active Regions
Reconstructing the 3D Reality

Solar Physics Webinar of Global Reach

A regular Solar Physics Webinar of Global Reach (SPW-GR) invites the entire solar physics community to participate. The target audience is active researchers in all areas of Solar Physics including graduate students. The Webinar uses the Cisco Webex service available at NJIT and is coordinated by Dr. Gregory Fleishman. The Webinar will initially run on a monthly schedule starting Wednesday, April 18, and then each fourth Wednesday henceforth, but will likely switch to a biweekly schedule later. The Webinar will start at 14:00 UT, which is the only possible slot appropriate (at least marginally) for participants all the way from US west coast eastward to East Asia. To connect use the webex meeting link or meeting #924 797 400. See details here.

Related project: ESPOS-European Solar Physics Online Seminars

Agenda in ICAL format:

# Date Talk Title Speaker Video
1 18-Apr-2018 Multifaceted Solar Physics: The High-energy Aspects of Solar Flares Dr. Hugh Hudson (Berkeley/Glasgow) Talk
Follow Up
2 16-May-2018 The dynamic chromosphere of the Sun – Current models and challenges Dr. Sven Wedemeyer (Oslo) Talk
Follow Up
3 13-Jun-2018 The Dynamo Mechanism on the Sun and Magnetic Helicity Dr. Kirill Kuzanyan (Troitsk) Talk
Follow Up
4 11-Jul-2018 Solar flare energetics and X-ray diagnostics Dr. Eduard Kontar Talk
5 08-Aug-2018 First Ionization Potential (FIP) effect Dr. Martin Laming Talk
6 05-Sep-2018 Heliophysics as applied to Stellar Systems Dr. Sofia-Paraskevi Moschou Talk
7 19-Sep-2018 Studying the internal structure and dynamics of the Sun Dr. Sarbani Basu Talk
8 03-Oct-2018 Data-constrained 3D Modeling of Solar Flares and Active Regions with GX Simulator Dr. Gelu Nita Talk
Follow Up
9 17-Oct-2018 Microwave Imaging Spectroscopy: Dynamic Measurement of Coronal Magnetic Fields and Particle Acceleration in Solar Flares Dr. Dale Gary Talk
10 14-Nov-2018 Unresolved structure of the solar magnetic field Dr. Mykola Gordovskyy Talk
11 28-Nov-2018 Solar Electron acceleration and propagation as revealed by X-ray and radio diagnostics Dr. Nicole Vilmer Talk
12 09-Jan-2019 Particle acceleration and heating in regions of magnetic flux emergence Dr. Loukas Vlahos Talk
13 06-Feb-2019 Energetic particles of keV – MeV energies in the heliosphere: solar and local sources Dr. Olga Khabarova Talk
14 06-Mar-2019 Detecting non-Gaussian (E)UV spectral lines: signatures of ion acceleration and/or turbulence? Dr Natasha Jeffrey (University of Glasgow) Talk
15 03-Apr-2019 X-ray and EUV observations as diagnostic of accelerated electrons and atmospheric response in solar flares Dr. Marina Battaglia Talk
16 22-May-2019 Solar Energetic Particle Observations Made by the STEREO Spacecraft During Solar Cycle 24 Dr. Ian Richardson Talk
17 29-May-2019 Plasma diagnostics from optically thin plasmas Dr. Enrico Landi Talk
18 26-Jun-2019 What Sun quakes tell us about energy transport in solar flares Dr. Valentina Zharkova Talk
19 24-Jul-2019 The Strongest Magnetic Fields in Sunspots and Their Statistical Properties Dr. Joten Okamoto Talk
20 21-Aug-2019 Impact of an L5 Magnetograph on Nonpotential Solar Global Magnetic Field Modeling Dr. Duncan Mackay Talk
21 18-Sept-2019 Storage, Release, and Conversion of Magnetic Energy by Solar Flare Reconnection Dr. Dana Longcope Talk
22 16-Oct-2019 Photo- and chromo- spheric magnetic field changes during solar flares Dr. Lucia Kleint Talk
23 13-Nov-2019 Fermi Large Area Telescope observations of solar flares during the 24th solar cycle Dr. Melissa Pesce-Rollins Talk
24 08-Jan-2020 Examining the Connection between Solar Energetic Particles and Long-Duration Gamma-ray flares Dr. Georgia de Nolfo Talk
25 05-Feb-2020 Testing the Physics of Solar and Stellar Flares with NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory and Radiative MHD Simulations Dr. Mark Cheung Talk
26 04-Mar-2020 Kink Oscillations of Solar Coronal Loops Dr. Valery Nakariakov