Solar Flares and Active Regions
Reconstructing the 3D Reality

Online Seminars are running regularly on bi-weekly schedule the other Wednesday 13 UT. The working language is Russian. Typical agenda of the seminar includes a scientific or technical presentation (allocated time 30 min) and progress reports of the leading investigators on their sub-projects (allocated time 5 min per report). List of past and scheduled seminars with specific agenda, results, presentations, and video recordings is available. Everyone can join the online seminar by using the Webex service. The yandex-player may switch to lower quality stream while playing video. To watch the video in high quality, please, download it to your computer and use your regular player.

Список сообщений на онлайн семинарах

Длительность одного сообщения – 30 минут включая вопросы по ходу сообщения и обсуждение по окончании.

Архивы семинаров за 2015, 2016 и 2017 годы представлены в отдельных разделах:

# Дата Научный доклад Докладчики Результаты
73 10.01.2018
Новости и планы ГФ Awaiting project support
74 24.01.2018
Ионные кратеры на Солнце ГФ Awaiting project support
75 07.02.2018
3D reconstructions of EUV wave fronts using multi-point STEREO observations Tatiana Podladchikova Awaiting project support
76 21.02.2018
Gamma-ray and Neutron Emission from Solar Flares Ron Murphy