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The third Konus-Wind catalog of short gamma-ray bursts

Authors: A. L. Lysenko, D. S. Svinkin, D. D. Frederiks, A. V. Ridnaia, A. E. Tsvetkova, M. V. Ulanov

Ioffe Institute, St.Petersburg, 194021, Russia


In this catalog, we present the results of a systematic study of 199 short gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) detected by Konus-Wind (KW) between 2011 January 1 and 2021 August 31. From the temporal and spectral analyses of the sample, we provide the burst durations, the spectral lags, the results of spectral fits with three model functions, the total energy fluences, and the peak energy fluxes of the bursts. We discuss evidence found for an additional spectral component and the presence of extended emission in a fraction of the KW short GRBs. Finally, we consider the results obtained in the context of the Type I (merger-origin)/Type II (collapsar-origin) classification, and discuss magnetar giant flare sub-sample.

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A. Lysenko, D. Svinkin, svinkin@mail·ioffe·ru