Joint International Conference

Advanced Carbon Nanostructures

St Petersburg, Russia July 4-8, 2011
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Submission of Contributions

Authors are requested to submit a one-page abstract of their contributions (about 2000 symbols including title, name(s) of author(s) and affiliation(s)) in Word for Windows file. If you do not have access to this particular word processing program, or to a PC, please save your document as Rich Text Format (RTF). RTF is available through the "Save As" option on most major word processing packages.

[Rich Text Format file of typical abstract]

The Abstract submission on Conference is closed.

We have received more than 300 abstracts submitted, the third part of them was asked as oral presentation.

Abstract processing status (June11, 2011)

The decision of the Program Committee on the acceptance of the abstracts and their type (oral/oral on Application Panel/poster) is summarized in the table.
If you need personal notifications, please send you request to

Please pay attention to following:
1. Duration of oral presentation is 20 min (including 5 min for discussion).
2. Duration of oral presentation on Application Panel is 10 min (including 3 min for discussion).
3. Free standing panels 100 cm (width) x 200 cm (height) will be provided for poster presentation.


The Proceedings of the Conference will be published as a special issue of the journal "Fullerene, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanostructures", Publisher: Taylor&Francis Group (

We are greatly appreciated for all authors who submitted their manuscripts for Proceedings, have taken part in peer reviewing and promptly answered our questions.
We have received more than 100 manuscripts. All of them (except the works of the invited speakers) were reviewed.
The list of the works recommended by Guest Editors for publishing in Proceedings of ACN'2011 is available here: List_for_Proc (Nov_25.2011)

Please note that the scientific level of all the submitted works was very high.
Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the number of typeset pages kindly provided us by the editors of the Journal as sponsors support, it was necessary to select only the limited number of the papers recommended for publishing.

The following criteria were applied for selection:

  • The measure of correspondence to the subject area of the conference;
  • The novelty of the results;
  • The quality of preparation of the materials including representation, illustrations, and the degree of the correspondence to the requirements of the journal, ets.

The decisions were taken after the discussion among all Guest Editors and the Organizing Committee have no opportunity to discuss or modify them.

The final decision on the acceptance the manuscripts for publishing will be taken by the Editorial Board of the Journal at the end of January 2012. The Proceedings will be available online no later then July 31, 2012 and will be included in the print issue at the end of 2012.

Please chech your mailbox for new information.

The rules of the manuscript preparation see below:

Manuscript Submission

Submission implies that the manuscript is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and that, with the exception of review papers, the manuscript represents original work which had never been published.

Submission will include two stages: the preliminary submission for reviewing and the submission for publication.
The electronic copy of the manuscript prepared for reviewing accordingly to the Template must be submitted by e-mail:
Please name the file containing manuscript for reviewing in the following manner: name of the first author, abstract referee number E.g.: ivanov_A000.doc.
Please take Template here

The deadline is June 15, 2011.

All other accompanying materials for publishing should be submitted at the days of the Conference. The abovementioned materials should be prepared accordingly to the requirements of the editorials of the Journal "Fullerene, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanostructures". For more information please visit the journal web-page:

At the ACN2011 the representing author is kindly asked to pass to a representative of the Program committee 2 hard copies of the manuscript prepared of submission as well as corresponding files on CD or flashdrive.
Please name the file containing manuscript in the following manner: name of the first author, abstract referee number and "proceedings" as subject. E.g.: ivanov_A000_proceedings_text.doc; ivanov_proceedings_fig.tiff, etc.

Before submitting your manuscript at Conference, please make sure that you have included all necessary details. Please ensure that the disk version and the hard copy of the manuscript prepared of submission are identical.

Manuscript Instructions
  1. Title page should contain the following information:
    • title of manuscript
    • authors of manuscript
    • academic or professional affiliations,
    • the complete address (e-mail address must be included) of the person to whom proofs and correspondence should be sent
    • approximately 5 key words
    • estimated word count (figure is equal to 200 words, table - 200 words, equation - 40 words);
      for example: 2 figures (x200) = 400
      2 tables (x200) = 400
      3 equations (x40) = 120
      1260 words text = 1260
      Total = 2180
  2. Take notice of the Word limit (text + equations + tables + figures altogether should not exceed):
    • poster paper - 2200 words,
    • oral paper - 4000 words,
    • invited paper - 5800 words.
  3. Manuscript body:
    Title, Authors, Abstract (100 words), approximately 5 key words, Text proper, References, Tables (separate sheets), Figures (separate sheets), Figures and Tables Captions (separate sheets) . Single-column and double-spacing throughout. Electronic copy must be submitted in Word (.doc) format.
  4. References:
    • in the text, number references sequentially;
    • in the reference list, every position for a journal article must include:
      Number, ALL Authors, Title, Journal, Year, Volume (Issue), first-final pages;
      for a book:
      ALL Authors, Title, Publishers, Year, additionally chapter, pages etc. (if necessary).
  5. Figures:


Hard copies of all manuscripts as well as all accompanying materials for publishing should be submitted at the days of the Conference (July 04-08, 2011). Only materials accepted for reviewing can be submitted during the Conference

The Organizers are pleased to welcome members of the world nanocarbon community to St Petersburg.