Ultrafast dynamics of ferroics


Ultrafast laser-induced spin and lattice dynamics

Excitation of a condenced matter by short laser pulses results in a wide range of processes, from femtosecond raise of electronic temperature in metals, to optically-generated effective magnetic fields in transparent dielectrics. Can these processes be emploied for ultrafast manipulation of magnetization, spontaneous polarization?... (read more).  


Ultrafast magnonics

In magnonics spin waves are used to transfer, store and process information with reduced heat dissipation. Can we combine methods of ultrafast magnetsm with magnonics to build ultrafast and efficient magnonic elements?... (read more).


High-frequency magnetoacoustics

Here we exploit interactions between high frequency phonons and magnons to optically manipulate magnetic materials at sub-THz frequencies.... (read more).


Researchers involved in the projects

Alexandra Kalashnikova

Nikolay Khokhlov

Leonid Shelukhin

Petr Gerevenkov

Iaroslav Filatov

Daria Kuntu

Sergey Koromyslov


Recent publications


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