October 29 – November 1, 2018 Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
Invited Speakers
Felix Aharonian (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ireland)“Towards the solution of the century-long mystery of origin of cosmic rays”
Zhores Alferov (St Petersburg National Research Academic University, Russia)"Ioffe's "Kindergarten" and its Role in the Development of Physics and Technologies"
Miron Amusia (The Hebrew University, Israel)"Many-body theory of atoms and big atom-like formation"
Vyacheslav Andreev (Ioffe Institute, Russia)“Solar concentrator photovoltaics”
Raphael Aptekar (Ioffe Institute, Russia)"The overview of cosmic gamma-ray burst and soft gamma-repeater studies from the joint Russian-American Konus-Wind experiment"
Manfred Bayer (Technical University of Dortmund, Germany)“Giant Excitons in Cuprous Oxide”
Alexander Burkov (Ioffe Institute, Russia)“Thermoelectric energy conversion: Present state and future”
Alessandro De Angelis (INFN Padova, Italy)"MeV-GeV gamma-ray astronomy from space and e-ASTROGAM"
Tony Donné (EUROfusion, Germany)"Status and prospects of European Fusion Research"
Russel Dupuis (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)“Illuminating the World: Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of III-V Compound Semiconductor Devices”
Michel Dyakonov (University Montpellier II, France)"Fifty years of spin physics at Ioffe Institute"
Alexander Efros (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, USA)“Bright exciton in perovskite quantum dots”
Morinobu Endo (Shinshu University, Japan) "Nanocarbons and Carbon Nanotubes ~Safe innovation in 21st century and promise for the future~"
Toshiaki Enoki (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)"A variety of electronic properties in graphene nanostructures"
Jérôme Faist (Institute for Quantum Electronics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)"Quantum cascade lasers and frequency combs"
Sergey Ganichev (University of Regensburg, Germany)“Photogalvanic Spectroscopy of Dirac Fermions”
Vladimir Gavrilenko (Institute for Physics of Microstructures of RAS, Russia)"Terahertz emitters based on semiconductor heterostructures"
Bernard Gil (University Montpellier II, France) "Boron nitride for bridging the 2D-materials with technologically mature conventional nitrides"
Michail Glazov (Ioffe Institute, Russia)“Spin noise in semiconductors and nanostructures”
Valery Golubev (Ioffe Institute, Russia)"Multifunctional monodisperse nanoparticles based on mesoporous silica for theranostic systems"
Igor Grekhov (Ioffe Institute, Russia) “Power Semiconductor Electronics and Pulse Switching Technique at the Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute”
Vasily Gusev (Ioffe Institute, Russia)“Fusion research in Ioffe Institute”
Sergey Ivanov (Ioffe Institute, Russia)“AlGaN-based UV photonic heterostructures grown by MBE”
Dmitrii Khokhlov (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)“Terahertz photoconductivity in Hg1-xCdxTe heterostructures”
Alexey Kimel (Radboud University, Netherlands)“Femtosecond Opto-magnetism - New Chapter in Physics of Magnetic Dielectrics”
Vasily Kiptily (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, United Kingdom)"Fusion alpha-particles diagnostics: from JET to ITER and DEMO"
Katsumi Kishino (Sophia University, Japan)"MBE grown III-N nanostructures for photonic devices"
Zakharii Krasilnik (Institute for Physics of Microstructures of RAS, Russia)“New approaches to near IR heterolasers”
Anatoly Krasilnikov (Project Center ITER, Russia)"ITER - Science and Technology Platform for Fusion Energy"
Gennady Krasnikov (Molecular Electronics Research Institute, Russia)“Prospects of transistor structures in microelectronics”
Konstantin Lebedinskii (Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University, Russia)“Physical and Physiological Mechanisms of Consciousness and General Anesthesia”
Alexander Litvak (Federal Research Center Institute of Applied Physics of RAS, Russia)“Trends in gyrotron development and applications”
Henri Mariette (Institute Neel CNRS, France)“II-VI semiconductors and derivated kesterites structures for photovoltaic conversion”
Sviatoslav Medvedev (Institute of Human Brain of RAS, Russia)Tentative title “Brain studies”
Eiji Osawa (NanoCarbon Research Institute Ltd, Japan) “Elementary Particles of Detonation Nanodiamond Are Characterized as Novel Hybrid Nano-Carbon”
Klaus H. Ploog (Paul Drude Institute for Solid State Electronics, Germany)"Molecular Beam Epitaxy - 50 years of Interface Engineering with Atomic Precision"
Edik Rafailov (Aston University, UK)“Recent progress in the development of efficient semiconductor based THz sources”
Theo Rasing (Radboud University, the Netherlands)"Probing and controlling magnetic order by light: from Faraday and Zeeman to all-optical switching of magnetic bits"
Alexander Saranin (Institute of Automation and Control Processes, Russia)“Atomic scale 2D compound on silicon and germanium surfaces”
Rashid Sunyaev (Space Research Institute, Russia)"X-Ray and microwave cosmology: synergy and competition. What we expect from SRG/eRosita spacecraft and new microwave telescopes?"
Sergei Tarasenko (Ioffe Institute, Russia) “Electronic structure and photogalvanic effects in topological insulators”
Eugeny Terukov (Ioffe Institute, Russia)"Silicon thin film photovoltaics in Ioffe Institute: from fundamental studies to the development of mass production technologies"
Vladislav Timofeev (Institute of Solid State Physics, Russia)“Magnetofermionic condensate and dissipationless transport of spin excitations in a 2D Hall insulator”
Vladimir Umansky (Weizmann Institute, Israel)“Three decades-long race for ultra-high mobility 2DEG. Was it worth it?”
Victor Ustinov (Ioffe Institute, Russia)“Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers for high-speed data communications and optical sensors”
Anatoly Vikharev (Federal Research Center Institute of Applied Physics of RAS, Russia)“Progress in CVD diamond synthesis and diamond electronics”
Alexander Vul' (Ioffe Institute, Russia)"Carbon nanostructures for energy conversion"
Friedrich Wagner (Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Germany)“On the history of improved confinement in toroidal systems”
Dieter Weiss (Regensburg University, Germany)“All electrical spin injection and detection in two-dimensional electron systems”
Dmitrii Yakovlev (Technical University of Dortmund, Germany)“Spin-dependent phenomena in colloidal nanocrystals”
Maxim Yakushev (Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Russia) “Modern physics and technology based on the HgCdTe nanoheteroepitaxial structures. Growth, quantum effects and devices”
Lev Zelenyi (Space Research Institute, Russia)"Moon as the seventh Earth's continent. Perspectives of science investigations and robotic&human exploration in XXI century"
Alexey Zhukov (St Petersburg National Research Academic University, Russia)“Microdisk lasers: A new opportunity for self-organized quantum dots”