Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Native and Impurity-Related Defects in Semiconductors

Wide band gap semiconductors with high chemical bonding energy are among the most promising materials for opto- and microelectronics, as well as for high power and high frequency electronics.
• Silicon Carbide
• Gallium and Aluminum Nitrades
• Zink Oxide
• Diamond

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of low-dimensional structures

• Quantum Wells and Superlattices A3B5
• Self-organized Nanocrystals inside Ionic Crystal Matrix
• Colloidal Nanocrystals
• Nanostructures  Based on A2B6 based diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

EPR study and diagnostics of materials for opto- and microelectronics, quantum electronics and radiation detection devices

• Perovskite-like oxides
• Yttrium-Aluminum Garnets, Yttrium Ortho-Aluminates
• Lead Thiogallate, Lead Tungstate
• Zink Selenide  

Spectroscopy of single quantum objects in condensed matter and spintronics

• Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) Defects in Diamond
• Defects in Silicon Carbide
• Semiconductor Quantum Dots
High temperature optical polarization of electron spin states in wide band semiconductors.