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Saint Petersburg city

St. Petersburg is among the most beautiful cities in the world. It is located on more than 100 islands, where the river Neva flows into the Gulf of Finland. The city was founded in 1703 by the Tsar Peter I as a new capital of the Russian Empire and kept this status till 1918. The city has more than 5 million inhabitants and is the northernmost among the world large cities. Its historic centre constitutes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. June in St. Petersburg is a period of short and light nights called "White Nights" and is the best time to visit the city.


The weather in June is mostly sunny with usual temperatures between 17 and 23 °C. Rain is possible, so we recommend you to pick up umbrellas and some warm clothing.

Symposium location

    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden
    Batayskiy lane 3A

Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden is the only hotel in St. Petersburg located in the historical center and yet having such an easy transport access to the airport and Moskovsky railway station. It is situated close to the Metro Station Technologitcheskii Institut.

The on-line metro map can be found at http://www.metro.spb.ru/map.html

Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden
Batayskiy lane 3A
SW2018 will take place at the meeting room
North America
on the 2nd floor.

The hotel is surrounded by a green park for energizing walks and morning runs.


Ioffe Institute