Laboratory of Quantum-size heterostructures

Head of laboratory

Prof. Sergey Ivanov
tel: +7 (812) 292-7124 fax: +7 (812) 297-1017



  • Molecular beam epitaxy and fundamental studies of semiconductor heterostructures (with quantum wells, quantum dots and superlattices) based on:
    • narrow gap III-V compounds for optoelectronic and electronic applications;
    • wide gap II-VI compounds, as well as ZnO, for visible range and UV optoelectronics and basic studies in the field of spintronics;
    • III-Nitrides for optoelectronic applications in the visible and UV spectral range as well as studies of plasmon-related phenomena.
  • A surface, interface and in-depth profiling analysis of the chemical states and of concentrations of matrix elements, dopants, and impurities is performed using:
    • dynamic SIMS;
    • XPS;
    • AES;
    • REELS surface-sensitive techniques.
  • Post-growth processing techniques for various semiconductor materials and photolithography