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5 August 2002 Russian State Prize of Science and Technology for 2001 was awarded to Zhores I. Alferov, Levon V. Asryan, Petr S. Kop'ev, Nikolai N. Ledentsov, Robert A. Suris, Victor M. Ustinov, Vitalii A. Shchukin and D. Bimberg "for fundamental studies of formation mechanisms and properties of quantum dot heterostructures and lasers based thereupon"

2004 - IX Exhibition-Congress "Hi-Tech. Investments. Innovations" ("S-Petersburg Technical Fair"). Second degree diploma and small medal was awarded to Ioffe Institute "for structures for light-emitting diodes of visible range" (June 8-11, 2004. S-Petersburg, Russia) Photos from exposition

medal_avers diploma medal_revers

Conferees diploma was awarded to Ioffe Institute "for revival of Russia scientifically-industrial complex".


2004 - Diploma of "PROMEXPO - RUSSIAN MANUFACTURER 2004" (8th International Exhibition of machine-building) September 27-30, St-Petersburg, Russia


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