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27th International Symposium on Shock Waves

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The International Symposia on Shock Waves are the definitive meetings of the scientific community devoted to the study and use of the shock-wave phenomena, of all kinds. Started in 1957, they take place every two years, usually at places close to centres of activity in the field. The format of the meetings has grown over the first thirty years of their existence, but the number of presentations has deliberately been held approximately constant since then. Because of steadily increasing activity in the field, this requires fairly stringent selection of the material to be presented, and consequently also leads to the high standard and good reputation that the proceedings enjoy.

 The broad range of topics covered by the presentations may be divided into applications, such as combustion, high-speed flight, detonations, physical chemistry, medicine, and geology; the use and development of devices that produce shock waves, such as shock tubes and shock tunnels, with the associated technology, advances including diagnostic techniques and fundamental studies, such as refraction and reflection of shocks, their interaction with vortices and chemical kinetics.

It is the honour for us that St. Petersburg will now be included in the long list of ISSW Symposia:


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1957 Boston

1983 Sydney

1958 Palo Alto

1985 Berkeley

1959 Fort Monroe

1987 Aachen

1961 Aberdeen, MD

1989 Lehigh

1965 White Oak

1991 Sendai

1967 Freiburg

1993 Marseille

1969 Toronto

1995 Pasadena

1971 London

1997 Great Keppel

1973 Palo Alto

1999 London

1975 Kyoto

2001 Fort Worth

1977 Seattle

2004 Beijing

1979 Jerusalem

2005 Bangalore

1981 Buffalo

2007 Gottingen











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