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27th International Symposium on Shock Waves

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Abstracrt Submissions and Student Award Information.

27th International Symposium on Shock Waves - ISSW-27 invites your papers.

In view of the steadily increasing number of conferences, some countries or universities have started to introduce a policy that only the attendance of conferences with peer-reviewed full length papers (not abstracts) will be supported. Understanding this as an important challenge, the ISSW-27 team finds it necessary to provide the submission procedure suitable for the participants from such countries or universities. On the other hand, making only the first step on the way to the novel concept of submission handling (and considering time restrictions) we cannot give up the traditional procedure at once.

So, announcing the call for papers, we offer the two equally valid options to the ISSW27 authors.

1. The authors who feel it necessary may submit the 4...6 page paper to be reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee.

2. The authors who are free from official restrictions as described above, may submit full A4 one page abstract as usual.

The procedure of submission and review of all papers will be absolutely the same; no preference will be given to long or short form of submissions. Also the LaTeX template for both long and short forms of submissions will be the same. So there seems to be no need to declare explicitly what kind of submission do you prefer. But if you have any question or any particular wish with respect to abstract/paper submission, please don't hesitate to contact the organizers at issw27@mail.ioffe.ru


It has similar structure as the templates of the recent ISSWs. After typesetting your paper with the LaTeX editor, it should be uploaded to the ISSW-27 server. Please use postscript format for your pictures, as it was for the recent Shock Wave Symposia. Please use pdf converters to make sure your LaTeX typesetting is correct and your abstract looks properly. The .tex and .eps files should be uploaded with the use of our Online Registration system. These files will be used for the Book of Abstracts printing. Please login to our ONLINE Registration system to upload your paper when ready. You will find all necessary instructions upon clicking [Submit abstract] button there. The same time would you kindly send the .pdf files of your abstracts by email issw27@mail.ioffe.ru to be on the safe side. These files will be used for the double check of the paper format and for the reviewers.

Upon positive decision of the Scientific Review Committee, the formula of invitation to the author from the Organizing Committee will be correspondent to the form of application, so as to fit the needs of the participant regarding his/her university rules.

All submissions, either long or short, accepted for presentation at ISSW27 will be printed in a book and handed out to registered participants at the Symposium. The papers accepted for presentation in ISSW-27 (and full-length papers correspondent to accepted one-page abstracts) should be submitted for publication in Shock Wave Journal but would be reviewed again. Then finally accepted papers in SWJ would be included in the SWJ special issues of selected papers in ISSW-27.

You can find more details about post-symposium publication of the papers in the Shock Waves Journal - ISSW27 special issue announcement

Student Award

As it has been settled at ISSW-26 in Goettingen, the best student contributions are to be selected at the Symposium for the ISWI Student Award with a $1,000 bonus. The award is sponsored by The International Shock Wave Institute and will be given to the two best student papers submitted and presented (either oral or poster) by two students at the ISSW-27.

The selection will be made by the Scientific Review Committee, upon rating of full-length papers submitted by the student applicants and approved by members of the International Advisory Committee.

All students, postgraduates, PhD students (age under 33) are encouraged to submit minimum 6 page papers before November 21, 2008. The student award applicants are kindly requested to declare their wish to take part in this competition explicitly by email issw27@mail.ioffe.ru










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