Solar Flares and Active Regions
Reconstructing the 3D Reality

PI: Gregory D. Fleishman

Ph.D., Distinguished Research Professor


    Physics Department
    Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Newark, NJ, 07102-1982

Phone: 973-596-5569   Fax: 973-596-3617

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Research interests

Solar/Stellar/Space Physics: coronal and chromospheric magnetography, active regions, solar and stellar flares, energy release, particle acceleration and transport, radiation mechanisms, data driven 3D models, solar science with ALMA.

Theoretical Physics/Astrophysics: plasma astrophysics, emission and transfer of electromagnetic radiation, fast codes for radiation transfer, high-energy processes, and charged particle kinetics in interstellar medium, galactic objects, jets, and gamma-ray bursts.


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