Solar Flares and Active Regions
Reconstructing the 3D Reality

Galina G. Motorina

Solar Physics Associate Researcher

Pulkovo Observatory, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia


Phone: +7-921-561-46-24

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Research Gate: Galina Motorina

Research interests

I am interested in solar physics; my main interests lie in the analysis of X-rays, EUV, and radio emission from solar flares.

The purpose of my research is the reconstruction of the electron energy distributions resulting from heating or acceleration in the corona during solar flares, and the dynamics of these electrons on the basis of the energy spectra of X-rays and EUV emission, obtained from RHESSI, CORONAS-F, SDO/AIA, as well as reconstruction of Differential Emission Measure (DEM) and sub-THz emission analysis.

The aim of current and future research plans is the combination of different satellites data, for example, SDO/AIA and RHESSI to deduce and analyze the properties of solar flares from a wider energy range.

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