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Konus-Wind waiting-mode events

The page presents the results of search for transients in the Konus-WIND waiting mode data. We have developed an automated search procedure for transient events based on Bayesian block decomposition of the KW waiting mode data. As a result of search we have found 32 000 transient events (during 1994–2017). A detailed analysis of data for 2004–2017 revealed ~13800 events, ~2300 of which were also recorded in the triggered mode of the experiment. The list contains ~4700 candidates for soft X-ray solar flares and ~5900 hard transient events which did not trigger KW, which is more than 2.5 times the number of triggered events during the same period. Using the Swift-BAT, Fermi-GBM, and GOES data, we have found ~4700 previously non-identified events (gamma-ray bursts, soft gamma-repeater bursts, and flares of hard X-ray transients).

The first version of the catalog of transient events observed in the Konus-WIND waiting mode in 2004–2017 contains information on ~13000 events: event star time, duration, possible identification with previously known events, and preliminary classification.

For any questions, comments and suggestions concerning events detected by Konus-Wind in waiting mode please contact Dmitry Svinkin (svinkin@mail·ioffe·ru).

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