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List of Candidate (PhD) and Doctor of Sciences theses
of the members and former members of the Department of Theoretical Astrophysics

Doctor of Sciences (Doktor nauk, ≈ habilitation) theses

  1. A.V. Ivanchik (20.05.2013, Ioffe Institute)
    Quasar spectroscopy and cosmology. Studies of physical conditions and chemical composition of matter at early evolutionary stages of the Universe
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (PDF, 1.1 MB, in Russian)
  2. D.A. Shalybkov (28.10.2010, Ioffe Institute)
    Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stability of Couette flow
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (PDF, 218 kB, in Russian)
  3. A.Y. Potekhin (10.12.2009, Ioffe Institute)
    Thermodynamic and kinetic properties of matter in neutron star envelopes
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (PDF, 363 kB, in Russian) [Full text] (PDF, 6.2 M, in Russian)
  4. V.A. Urpin (29.10.2009, Ioffe Institute)
    MHD processes in neutron stars
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (PDF, 441 kB, in Russian)
  5. S.A. Levshakov (24.05.2007, Ioffe Institute)
    New methods of the analysis of quasar absorption spectra
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (gzipped PS file, 255 kB, in Russian) [Full text] (gzipped PS file, 6.6 M, in Russian)
  6. A.D.Kaminker (2002, Ioffe Institute)
    Neutrino cooling of neutron stars
  7. Yu.A.Shibanov (1999, Ioffe Institute)
    Thermal radiation and atmospheres of neutron stars
  8. S.A.Gulyaev (1995, Sternberg Astronomical Institute)
  9. A.M.Bykov (1993, Ioffe Institute)
    Theory of formation of spectra of MHD fluctuationsand non-thermal charged particles in the interstellar meduim
  10. D.G.Yakovlev (1992, Ioffe Institute)
    Kinetics of neutron-star matter
  11. N.A.Silant'ev (1992, SAO RAS)
    Processes of transport of radiation, particles, heat, and magnetic fields in astrophysics
  12. V.N.Fedorenko (1991, Ioffe Institute)
    Plasma effects on diffusion and acceleration of cosmic rays
  13. V.K.Khersonskii (1988, Ioffe Institute)
    Non-equilibrium occupation of atomic and molecular levels and diagnostics of the interstellar and intergalactic gas
  14. A.I.Tsygan (1984, Ioffe Institute)
  15. Yu.N.Gnedin (1979, Ioffe Institute)
    Propagation of polarized radiation in cosmic conditions
  16. A.D.Chernin (1979, Ioffe Institute)
    Early stages of evolution of large-scale cosmic structures
  17. D.A.Varshalovich (1966, Ioffe Institute)
    Dynamical orientation of atoms in the cosmic medium
Candidate of Sciences (Kandidat nauk, ≈ PhD) theses
  1. D.D. Ofengeim (11.06.2020, Ioffe Institute)
    Model-independent analysis of neutron-star evolution
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (1.4 MB, PDF file, in Russian) [Full text] (8 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  2. A.A. Kozhberov (13.12.2018, Ioffe Institute)
    Structure and thermodynamic properties of Coulomb crystals in interiors of degenerate stars
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (351 kB, PDF file, in Russian) (639 kB, PDF file, in Russian) [Full text] (11 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  3. A.V. Karpova (29.12.2016, Ioffe Institute)
    Gamma pulsars J1741-2054 and J0633+0632, radio nebula DA 495, and supernova remnant G350.0-2.0 in X-rays
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (351 kB, PDF file, in Russian) [Full text] (2.6 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  4. M.V. Beznogov (29.12.2016, Ioffe Institute)
    Thermal evolution of neutron stars with accreted envelopes
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (1786 kB, PDF file, in Russian) [Full text] (13 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  5. V.V. Klimenko (09.06.2016, Ioffe Institute)
    Study of physical conditions in clouds of molecular hydrogen with large redshifts
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (791 kB, PDF file, in Russian)
  6. A.Yu. Kirichenko (09.06.2016, Ioffe Institute)
    Multiwavelength observations of gamma pulsars
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (474 kB, PDF file, in Russian)
  7. O.A. Goglichidze (12.05.2016, Ioffe Institute)
    Evolution of the angle between the magnetic moment and the rotation axis of radio pulsars
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (480 kB, PDF file, in Russian)
  8. A.V. Danilenko (28.02.2013, Ioffe Institute)
    Neutron stars in the optical and infrared ranges
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (1.3 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  9. A.V. Nesterenok (29.12.2011, Ioffe Institute)
    Cosmogenic radiocarbon in polar ices
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.9 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  10. D.A. Zyuzin (29.12.2011, Ioffe Institute, St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University)
    Pulsar nebulae in the optical and infrared ranges
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.7 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  11. E.M. Kantor (02.06.2011, Ioffe Institute)
    Dynamical phenomena in superfluid neutron stars
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.3 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  12. S.A. Balashev (02.06.2011, Ioffe Institute)
    Interstellar clouds of molecular hydrogen at early stages of the Universe evolution
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.4 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  13. D.P. Barsukov (24.12.2009, Ioffe Institute)
    Curvature gamma radiation at polar caps of radio pulsars with non-dipole magnetic fields
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.3 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  14. S.M.Osipov (10.12.2009, Ioffe Institute)
    Study of mechanisms of generation of magnetic fields and non-thermal emission in plasmas with relativistic particles
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.6 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  15. A.I. Ryabinkov (25.12.2008, Ioffe Institute)
    Space-time distribution of absorption systems in quasar spectra
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.3 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  16. E.E. Kholupenko (13.11.2008, Ioffe Institute)
    Primary plasma recombination and related distortions of the cosmic microwave background spectrum
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.3 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  17. P.S. Shternin (23.10.2008, Ioffe Institute)
    Landau damping and kinetics of neutron stars
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.4 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  18. A.I.Chugunov (1.11.2007, Ioffe Institute)
    Strongly non-ideal plasmas in envelopes of compact stars
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.3 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  19. A.M.Krassilchtchikov (28.12.2006, Ioffe Institute)
    Hard highly obscured X-ray sources: modeling of accretion and observations with Chandra, INTEGRAL, Swift
    [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (0.3 MB, PDF file, in Russian) [Full text] (2 MB, PDF file, in Russian)
  20. M.E.Gusakov (2006, Ioffe Institute)
    Cooling and pulsations of superfluid neutron stars (PDF file, 2149 K, in Russian) [Summary (Avtoreferat)] (PDF file, 408 K, in Russian)
  21. A.B.Koptsevich (2003, Ioffe Institute)
    Study of optical radiation of radio pulsars
  22. D.A.Baiko (2000, Ioffe Institute)
    Kinetic phenomena in cooling neutron stars (gzipped PostScript file, 1752 K, in Russian)
  23. Y.A.Uvarov (1999, Ioffe Institute)
    Kinetics of the electrons in extended sources of non-thermal cosmic radiation
  24. V.D.Pal'shin (1999, Ioffe Institute)
    Effects of General Relativity on ejection of particles and generation of electromagnetic radiation
  25. A.V.Ivanchik (1998, Ioffe Institute)
    Study of absorption spectra of quasars with the purpose of checking of possible variations of fundamental physical constants in the course of cosmological evolution
  26. D.Y.Konenkov (1998, Ioffe Institute)
    Kinetic phenomena in cooling neutron stars
  27. O.Y.Gnedin (1998, Princeton University)
  28. K.P.Levenfish (1996, Ioffe Institute)
    Cooling of neutron stars with superfluid cores
  29. I.E.Mazets (1995, St.Petersburg State Technical University)
    Effects of relaxation of the low-frequency atomic coherence at the interaction of laser radiation with multilevel atoms
  30. V.E.Zavlin (1994, Ioffe Institute)
    Modelling of neutron-star photospheres
  31. D.A.Shalybkov (1992, Ioffe Institute)
  32. V.G.Bezchastnov (1991, Ioffe Institute)
    Cyclotron radiation in superstrong magnetic fields of neutron stars
  33. A.Y.Potekhin (1991, Vavilov State Optical Institute)
    Radiative transfer in randomly inhomogeneous media and methods of computation of intensity fluctuations
  34. P.G.Mamradze (1991, Ioffe Institute)
    Annihilation radiation of the e+e- plasma in strong magnetic fields of neutron stars
  35. N.Y.Gnedin (1990, Ioffe Institute)
  36. A.G.Muslimov (Ioffe Institute)
  37. M.G.Opendak (1987, Ioffe Institute)
    Ion-molecular kinetics of dense interstellar clouds and methods of determination of their local physico-chemical parameters
  38. D.A.Verner (1987, Ioffe Institute)
    Statistics and dynamics of rotation of galaxies
  39. A.D.Kaminker (1983, Ioffe Institute)
    Study of thermal plasma in the vicinity of neutron stars with strong magnetic field
  40. A.M.Bykov (1983, St.Petersburg State Technical University)
    Kinetics of cosmic rays in astronomical objects with large-scale turbulence
  41. S.A.Levshakov (1982, Ioffe Institute)
    Identification of molecular lines in quasar spectra
  42. I.G.Mitrofanov (1976, Ioffe Institute)
    Orientation of cosmic dust grains and their interaction with radiation
  43. V.A.Urpin (Ioffe Institute)
  44. D.G.Yakovlev (Ioffe Institute)
  45. G.G.Pavlov (Ioffe Institute)
  46. N.A.Silant'ev (1973, Ioffe Institute)
    Transfer of polarized radiation
  47. A.S.Zentsova
  48. I.G.Dymnikova
  49. Yu.N.Gnedin
  50. E.B.Gliner

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