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Solar Physics Webinar of Global Reach

A regular Solar Physics Webinar of Global Reach (SPW-GR) invites the entire solar physics community to participate. The target audience is active researchers in all areas of Solar Physics including graduate students. The Webinar will use the Cisco Webex service available at NJIT (link to connect) and will be coordinated by Dr. Gregory Fleishman.


The Webinar will initially run on a monthly schedule starting Wednesday, April 18, and then each fourth Wednesday henceforth, but will likely switch to a biweekly schedule later. The Webinar will start at 14:00 UT, which is the only possible slot appropriate (at least marginally) for participants all the way from US west coast eastward to East Asia.


The format of the Webinar will include a brief introduction of the speaker followed by 45-min presentation. The final 5-10 minutes are allocated for discussion and questions. The presenters will webcast the presentation/desktop, video, and audio using their own computer with the preinstalled Webex plugin, which is also required for all participants to join the Webex meeting.: Upon joining the meeting each participant is expected to enter a valid first a last names (no questions will be accepted from those who provided incomplete name information, e.g., initials) and join the integrated audio conference. The participation is free. Contextual questions and brief clarifying comments can be made during the talk, but will be managed by the coordinator. Specifically, the one who has a quick question will send it to the coordinator using the chat mechanism, who then will either ask this question to the speaker or invite the author of the question to ask it directly. Requests to ask questions or make comments after the talk are to be sent to the coordinator using the chat. A note to prospective participants: while attending the Webinar, please, keep you microphones muted and your video off at all times except while you ask a question or make a comment.


A video recording of the webinar will be placed online for free access typically no more than 48 hours after the presentation. After that, those who did not attend the Webinar in person will be given a chance to watch the video and send their questions related to the talk to the Webinar coordinator by e-mail during the next five days. One week after the original presentation, the coordinator will connect to the speaker, ask those questions to the speaker, record a new video segment, and attach this interview to the master video for that presentation. This way each talk will have as strong an impact as possible.


are announced at the webinar page and via SolarNews newsletter.


At present we cannot foresee how many people will actually join the Webinar and what technical issue will be associated with a large number of connections. We will learn as we go. Please, join the initiative and enjoy!


Video about mobile Cisco Webex app