Solar Flares and Active Regions
Reconstructing the 3D Reality

Memo for Speakers at the Webinar in Solar Physics

Making a presentation online has a number of distinctions compared with a more conventional seminar presentations; in particular:

  1. The audience is broad and evolving; it includes researchers from diverse areas and graduate students; thus, extended introduction to your topic will be extremely helpful.
  2. Time must be closely managed, and in a Webinar time runs faster than you feel.
  3. Typically, the microphones are muted, so you should not expect any feedback on your jokes etc.
  4. It is recommended that you use a white background in your presentation.
  5. Use headphones to avoid echo.
  6. Please note that acceptance of the invitation to give an on-line talk implies your consent to be video-recorded (both desktop/presentation and the streamed video of the speaker). This consent covers both the seminar web pages and a version of your actual presentation put online.
  7. Speakers will have a brief training session prior to the Webinar. Please remember that the link you are using for this training session will be DIFFERENT from the link that you have to use to connect to the Webinar.