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 Social program
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Conference Committees

Honorary Chair
Zh.I. Alferov (Russia)
2000 Nobel Prize Winner 
Vice-President of Russian Academy of Sciences
Scientific Director of the Ioffe Institute
Conference Chairmen
A. Kavokin (France)
S.V. Ivanov (Russia)
B. Gil (France)
International Program Committee
B. Gil (France)- Program Chair
A. Di Carlo (Italy)
J.Y. Duboz (France)
J. Furdyna (USA)
E.L. Ivchenko (Russia)
B. Monemar (Sweden)
Y. Nanishi (Japan)
M.S. Skolnick (UK)
V.D. Kulakovski (Russia)
Scientific secretary:
A.A. Toropov (Russia)
Advisory Committee
L.C. Andreany (Italy)
A.L. Bradley (Ireland)
J.C. Carrano (USA)
E. Cohen (Israel)
R.D. Dupuis (USA)
Al. Efros (USA)
A.I. Ekimov (Russia)
A. Hoffmann (Germany)
L.V. Keldysh (Russia)
K. Kishino (Japan)
E. Munoz (Spain)
J.L. Staehli (Switzerland)
B.P. Zakharchenya (Russia)
Local Organizing Committee
P.S. Kop'ev (Ioffe Institute) - Chair
S.V. Ivanov (Ioffe Institute) - Co-Chair
T.V. Shubina (Ioffe Institute) - Secretary
S.V. Sorokin (Ioffe Institute)
I.V. Sedova (Ioffe Institute)
T.V. L'vova (Ioffe Institute)
A.V. Lebedev (Ioffe Institute)
N. Sibeldin (Lebedev Physical Institute)
in association with Agency for Science and Technology "INTELLECT"

Contact Information
Prof. S.V. Ivanov,
A.F. Ioffe Institute, Politeknicheskaya 26,
194021 St.Petersburg, Russia.

Fax: +7 (812) 247-3620/-1017,
Phone: +7 (812) 247-9124
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