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June 29 - July 3,  2004
St. Petersburg,  RUSSIA 

Previous Conferences:
2001 Rome, Italy; 2002 Rithymnon, Crete, Greece; 2003 Acireale, Cicilia, Italy

Conference organizer
Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute

The conference is focused on the fundamental and technological issues relevant to the realization of new generation of opto-electronic devices based on advanced low-dimensional and photonic structures, such as low threshold polariton lasers, new optical switches, single photon emitters etc. It should review recent achievements in the fundamental understanding of strong light-matter coupling, as well as follow the progress in developing the epitaxial and processing technologies of wide gap semiconductor and organic nanostructures and microcavities providing the basis for advanced optical studies. The main long-term goal of this direction of the solid state physics is to create quality samples able to exhibit the strong light-matter coupling at room temperature.

The idea of this conference is to bring together scientists active in the fields of semiconductor optics and material science dealing with modern technologies of wide-band semiconductor and organic materials. This combining should be very fruitful in preparation of a future breakthrough in this area of physics.

The scope of the Conference covers physics and application of a variety of phenomena related to light-matter coupling in solids. Topics to be discussed include, but not limited to:

Microcavities and photonic crystals
Spin-related optical phenomena in microcavities
* Basic exciton-polariton physics
Growth and characterization of advanced wide-gap nanostructures (GaN, ZnSe, ZnO, organic materials)
Novel device concepts (polariton lasers, single-photon emitters, optical switches...)

Important Dates

February 15, 2004 Deadline for Abstract Submission
March 15, 2004 Notification of paper acceptance
April 9, 2004 Deadline for Registration/Accommodation Form submission
May 14, 2004 Deadline for guaranteed Hotel "Moscow" reservation
May 21, 2004 Deadline for Early Registration
Fax: +7 (812) 247-3620/-1017
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