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All foreign visitors entering Russia must have a valid passport (expire date not earlier than 6 months after the departure date). Participants who need a visa to enter Russian Federation are to complete the relevant fields in the Registration Form and submit it to Organizing Committee at your earliest convenience or by April 9th.
Then each participant and accompany person will receive a Voucher and Confirmation letter (in Russian), issued by the "SoFintour" Travel Company, to obtain a TOURIST VISA in the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Russian Federation. These documents will be sent to you by fax to a number you show in the Registration Form. The visa will be issued for the staying period you show in the Accommodation Section of the Registration form plus two days, before and after the period. You will be charged 10 EUR for preparing of the Visa documents in the Hotel receipt. If you would need the originals of Voucher and Confirmation letter please contact a Conference Secretary Dr. Tatiana Shubina and they will be mailed to you.
Additionally, Organizing Committee will send to each participant by e-mail an Invitation Letter to PLMCN4 with the Ioffe Institute letterhead. This letter is for your own use and not valid for Russian Consulate or Embassy.
Please contact the Conference Secretary if you have any questions or decided to obtain Russian visa yourself.

Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute,
Politekhnicheskaya 26,
St.Petersburg 194021, Russia.
Fax: +7 (812) 247-3620/-1017,
Phone: +7 (812) 247-9124
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