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Invited speakers
Weisbuch C. (plenary)  (France)  "Microcavities and Photonic Crystals: a historical perspective on the development of concepts"

Adachi S.  (Hokkaido University, Japan)  "Biexcitons and their dephasing processes in ZnO"

Amano H.  (Meijo University, Japan)  "Growth and fabrication of nitride-based UV devices on various substrates"

Arakawa Y.  (University of Tokyo, Japan)  "Progress in fabrication and optical properties of GaN-based quantum dots"

Baumberg J.J.  (University of Southampton, United Kingdom)  "Spin and charge dynamics of polaritons in semiconductor microcavities"

Carlin J.-F.  (EPFL - Lausanne, Switzerland)  "Lattice-matched InAlN/GaN distributed Bragg reflectors for nitride microcavities"

Dietl T.  (Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)  "Magnetic circular dichroism in ferromagnetic semiconductors"

Efros A. L.  (University of Utah, USA)  "New development in electrodynamics and preparation of left-handed materials"

Gippius N.A.  (General Physics Institute, Russia)  "Nonlinear dynamics of polariton scattering in semiconductor microcavity: bistability vs stimulated scattering"

Kawakami Y.  (Kyoto University, Japan)  "Temporal and spatial recombination dynamics in nitride-based nanostructures"

Mariette H.  (CEA-CNRS, Grenoble, France)  "Quantum dot formation induced by surface energy change of a 2D strained layer: the case of II-VI and Nitrides nanostructures"

Ponce F.A.  (Arizona State University, USA)  "Microstructure and the electronic properties of InGaN quantum wells"

Richard M.  (Grenoble, France)  "Towards evidence of spontaneous polariton condensation in II-VI microcavities"

Speck J.  (University of California, USA)  "GaN quantum dot density control by rf-plasma molecular beam epitaxy"

Tikhodeev S.G.  (General Physics Institute, Russia)  "Waveguide-plasmon polaritons in photonic crystal slabs with metal nanowires"

Timofeev V.B.  (Institute of Solid State Physics RAS, Russia)  "Collective Behavior of Interwell Excitons in Lateral Traps"

Ustinov V.M.  (Ioffe Institute, Russia)  "Quantum Dot VCSELs"

Vinogradov E.A.  (Institute of Spectroscopy of RAS, Troizk, Russia)  "Ultrafast photoinduced shift of cavity modes in semiconductor microcavity under femtosecond excitations"

Waag A. (Germany) "ZnO based Heterostructures for Optoelectronics and Magnetoelectronics"

Wang H. (University of Oregon, USA) "Electromagnetically-induced transparency from spin coherences in semiconductors"

Whittaker D. M. (University of Sheffield, UK) "Self-Interaction Effects in the Microcavity Parametric Oscillator"
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