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21st International Shock Interaction Symposium

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Paper Submissions and Review Information.

Submission of the full-length (4 or 6 pages) papers for the 21st International Shock Interaction Symposium is finished. We are gratefull for all contribution made, and now the book of proceedings is being prepared for printing. The text below is kpet on site just for information about how the procedure of paper acceptance was organized.




Abstract submission for the 21st International Shock Interaction Symposium is finished. Those who have received an email from the Organizing Committee confirming acceptance of their contributions, are invited to submit corresponding full-length (4 or 6 pages) papers. Authors are kindly requested to pay attention to the remarks made by the abstract reviewers, which are listed (if any) in acceptance confirmation emails.


For the full paper you will need to download the template/example file. Nota bene: the template for full-length paper is different from the abstract template! It is inherited from the ISSW-line symposia. Please do not change the editing and style files of the example but replace the text with your own information. Create your extended abstract and typeset it in LaTeX. Convert the output to a PDF file of your abstract and check that the text has been properly compiled and conforms to the style of the example abstract. Please insure a good quality of your color figures when printed in gray scale. If the results are not satisfactory produce instead a gray scale version, since the book of proceedings will be printed in black & white. After that you would upload your PDF file to the conference website according to the instructions. Would you please also notice that the organizing committee is going to prepare a nice book of proceedings and thus we'll insist on following the LaTeX template provided - in contrast to our indulgent attitude towards the abstract formatting.

The procedure of paper reviewing will be as follows.

In accordance with the practice of the recent years, the paper submission will consist of two stages.

  • Stage 1: Submission of 1 page Abstract → Anonymous peer-review → notification of acceptance (or of rejection);
  • Stage 2: Submission of full paper (4 or 6 pages) → Anonymous peer-review → Book of proceedings formation.

The book of proceedings with an ISBN number will be printed and handed out to the participants at the registration and opening reception on August 3, 2014.



Please note that the results of ongoing research are welcome.

The link to THE LaTeX TEMPLATE FOR ABSRACT/PAPER IS no longer necessary.



















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